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October 4, 2014

Kevin Wilson


COACH WILSON:  Nice win, played hard.  I think a lot of Coach's team and the way they played.  Not because we didn't play well last week.  I was I was kind of surprised we didn't play better.  We worked hard to have a better plan.  I don't think we could practice any better.
We practice the way we practice.  But we talked about playing hard and coming ready to play hard because it's one thing that I think it's a choice.  I think the way we practice and do things gives us a chance, but you've still got to come out ready to go.  We talked about that.
The turnover early, it was nice.  You get the points in the off sidekick that we got, and got points that were huge.  Had a long second quarter offensively.  Kind of let it milk around, and it was pretty good until the fourth quarter.  Had a couple more lulls that we had to work on.  So a lot of good OD.  Got to keep tightening up some structure.
We were in position and busted a couple coverages that we definitely have to correct.  But, all in all, very proud of their effort and looking forward to these guys enjoying this the proper way tonight and coming in to see if we can find a way to play another good opponent next week, a very good opponent and continue to grow this team this year.

Q.  Can you talk about having a better plan?  Nate seemed to get off to some nice starts, short passes, high percentage passes, and he kind of stayed that way all day?
COACH WILSON:  In some ways, again, maybe some things that we tried to emphasize.  We still missed some things because we've got to play better out there.  But just the nature of this team is so run oriented, and I think as we drew it helped the run game come because earlier those plays were getting ones and twos and threes, and at the end we kind of wore them a little bit because we were bigger than them.  But they are going to outnumber you.  They just put more people than you can block.  Their corners stacked well.  Several times we captured the edge and we cracked the safety and got on the corner and the corner made a tackle for two and three yards.  But the ball needed to get outside more than anything because of their structure and the way they do things.
So you always want to get your quarterback off to a good start, and they say the short pass has helped him.  But sometimes it's a little bit maybe just the nature of the defense this week.

Q.  21‑7 at the half, and what did you tell your team at halftime that they came out with the spunk they did in the first quarter?
COACH WILSON:  Again we always talk about because sometimes we can get stale coming out of the half and the energy and you've got to create it yourself.  So we could go and come out and go three‑and‑out, two times offensive and they scored and it kind of extended the lead.  So we talked about let's get after it.  So we take the first drive to make it 28.  We get a defensive stop, and I think we've been with the 35s.
So I don't know if it was the second drive, maybe it was the third.  I don't remember those drive sequences.  But I do remember saying at halftime we were going to get a script.  We were going to get some plays we want.  We need to take the first one down the field and score.  It was nice for the defense to get the stop.  Maybe we didn't score that second drive.  I thought we did.  If not it was the third one.  Because I know it got to 35‑10 or 35‑7.
That was something we talked about a week ago.  We thought a week ago outside of a couple critical plays we missed and not playing hard and a good plan, we had a couple errors and some plays got called back.  We came out in the third quarter, and we were stale and could have created some energy.  We didn't.  We talked about how we have to create our own energy.  And the kids did a great job today, and the coaches did a great job at halftime.

Q.  How big was that on‑side kick?
COACH WILSON:  If you execute it.  Now, again, if we don't, you guys would say it was stupid and why did you do it?  You thought you had it.  But I thought at 42‑10, instead of kicking a field goal it was a makeable kick.  I thought there was a great chance of them blocking the kick than the way we played defense going down the field to score.  Then all of a sudden, we didn't execute third down and fourth down, so you're playing odds.  It's a 32‑point game, you can't make it a 35‑point game.  Five touchdowns instead of still five scores, but you're playing odds.  So we looked at it playing odds.  We thought it was there.  You still got to execute it.
Nice kick, nice recovery by I think it was Clyde Newton, so those guys still got to make the play.  All we talked about is playing hard to make plays.  We talked about practicing hard to make plays instead of waiting around to make the play.  You've got to play hard to make the play.  So great job by Coach Inge to work that up and it really helped us.  There was no doubt.

Q.  Talk about the highest receiving totals in those two big plays.  What made it effective today?
COACH WILSON:  Nature of their commitment to stop the run on one‑on‑ones.  So you start with the short stuff.  Then along the way you get a chance for a deep shot, whether it be a double move or post shot, and both of those worked out pretty good.

Q.  Coach (No microphone).
COACH WILSON:  Yeah, we didn't play good inside.  So Jake Bailey started, and so was Jake Reed and Rogers and Spriggs looked good Friday practice.  He practiced.  I don't know if you watched, but he was with the second team in our warm‑ups.  He was clear to go.  As a matter of fact, Ralston needed a blow.  Where the score was, he said do you want to go with Spriggs or the other guys?  I said, go with the other guys because of where the score was 42‑whatever.  So he could have played.
But the real deal, he missed Tuesday, Wednesday practice.  We don't penalize you for that.  But we have a lot of confidence in Ralston.  They've all played.  Nine, ten, 11 played.  He's been in big games and played on that field.  He's a Texas guy.  Thought he played pretty good against his boys in there.  It was good for him.  He's earned it.
Jason should be full tilt.  He could have played today.  And we weren't messing with him by making a point.  He just didn't practice.  Started the other guy, game started going well, and that was in his best interest.  Had to play Jason more than there was an issue.  He missed practice.  He was cleared, it was going good.  Why put him in that position?  It was our fault.

Q.  In the passing game, did the timing seem to get better?
COACH WILSON:  I don't know.  It was pretty tough out there.  It was a difficult throwing game.  Kind of a west wind.  That thing comes down and shoots around and it was a cyclone kind of deal with all the swirls in there.  So Nate had to play with some base and feet and rip it today.  It was more important his ability to get on target.  Protection was good.  They came in leading the nation in sacks, so I think we did pretty decent there because they had 11 in one game, so that's a skewed stat.
A lot of that goes to, again, Nate today, because it wasn't an easy passing day.  The structure of their team, they were going to make you do it, and that was a huge part of what was going on.
But you're always working on timing.  Because it's no different than a golfer, you can get a little quick, little off, and it just takes a little to be off.  When you're off, you can be marginal.  So you're fighting to stay in rhythm and time.  It's a constant battle, and the more you practice, you have to practice at game speed, so it's practice habits and doing things right.  The more of those young guys.
We had Dom Booth out there today.  Jason took a hit and had like a little head concussion syndrome, so we'll see where he is.  We kind of lost him.  He got hit in the first drive and we didn't have him.  So hopefully he'll be fine.  We'll see.  But it was good to get those guys going.  Couple good plays by Corsaro, couple good plays by Fuchs, really good blocking by Michael Cooper and those two guys.  The run game was good because of the tight end in perimeter blocking as much as the O‑line, so good day by those guys.

Q.  D'Angelo another hundred yard game.  Best run of his career.
COACH WILSON:  Which one was that?

Q.  How has he been so successful even though he's not the primary guy?
COACH WILSON:  He's a good teammate.  You know, for example, we have several.  We talked about it after.  We have several kids on our team that are Jewish, and Yom Kippur is a big day.  So we have guys out there playing that didn't eat today.  Haven't had anything in 24 hours.  That's the nature of the religion, and we made a big deal about being good teammates.
D'Lo is one of our great teammates.  He's a little knucklehead.  You have to keep him kind of tight, but he's doing a heck of a job in school.  He's growing as a man.  In his own way he's one of the kids you can be more proud of because he does some neat things and plays with a lot of passion.  But he understands his role, and he plays his role as hard as anyone.  He goes after his role.  He's good with his role.
You ought to watch him on kick cover.  If you want to see a kick, just watch him.  He's the 7th or 4th guy from the right.  Just watch him.  He gives you what he's got, and he's a great example of what we want guys to look like.  That's better than coaching is when you can tell Devine Redding watch his effort instead of pouting about not being the starting tailback to go out there and play as hard as you can and cover kicks and help us win.  He's a neat story.  He's a good kid.  But we need a lot better out of him down the stretch.

Q.  (No microphone)?
COACH WILSON:  Awesome, Chase, the red‑shirt freshman, you had Fant out there, ted shirt guys, you've got to play those guys.  The more we play as we go through the year, we won't wear down as we have defensively as we have in years past.  So again, the more we play those receivers and guys, we keep playing the backs to keep them fresh, it's not just for this game, but it's going to help us as October keeps coming and November comes and we get into the meat of this Big Ten schedule.

Q.  (No microphone)?
COACH WILSON:  In 2012 didn't we beat Illinois and Indiana back‑to‑back on the road?

Q.  Last season.
COACH WILSON:  Well, this season isn't over.  Last two seasons is '12‑13.  Last season is last year.  Just like (Indiscernible) never won on the road, but he was 10 of 15 with two touchdowns at Illinois a couple years ago.  You guys forgot that one, but I didn't.  FYI, 10 of 15.

Q.  What is the message to the guys about that?  You talked a lot about striving for consistency today.
COACH WILSON:  Yeah, it's just I thought that was a heck of a football team last night on TV that lost at home.  Just shows how easy when you're off, you're vulnerable.  It's hard to be on.  I promise you we have really good kids doing well, coaches working hard.  We're going to play a really good opponent at their place.  They're 4‑1 right now, I think.  Played a good schedule, tremendous coach, solid across the board.
They had an open day week, it's a tough place to play.  But that's Big Ten football.  It's every week.  That's why you want to be here.
Again, our deal is not doing it back‑to‑back.  Our deal is doing it as much as we can.  You can get more than just back‑to‑back, so we're not going to make a big deal of going back‑to‑back.  We're going to make a big deal of when you play hard, you can play with a lot of people.  When you don't, you're very vulnerable, and we're just trying to teach our guys how to keep learning, keep growing, and keep playing hard.  That's what most good teams, we'll get from Iowa.  It's going to be a great challenge.  We're not going to harp on it because there are a lot of good football players, a lot of things going in a reasonably positive direction.
We're not beating our chests.  But at the same time, there are a lot of good things happening, and we're going to keep striving for them to keep pushing on how hungry they want to be.  Because playing hard‑‑ the way they played today was nothing more than a choice.  We've got to facilitate that, but they have to make that choice to go ahead and fly around and play that way.

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