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October 1, 2014

Jimbo Fisher

JIMBO FISHER:  Again, very proud of our team, going on the road, getting a very tough road victory in North Carolina State.  It's always been a very difficult place for us to play, one of the most difficult places in our league.  They've got a great home atmosphere, they've got a great team, did a great job, very competitive game.  A lot of ups and downs in the game, but very proud of our kids the way they persevered and competed.
I saw a lot of things that we have to improve on.  At the same time still saw a lot of progress, and I love the competitiveness of our team and lack of‑‑ didn't lack any ability to keep persevering and overcoming situations.
Again, I'm seeing a lot of improvement in a lot of young players, a lot of our young freshmen and guys that got in on offense and defense that were able to impact the game, which I think is going to be tremendous for us going forward.
Looking forward to playing a very good Wake team.  Wake has done a really good job, very well‑coached.  Coach Clawson does a great job.  Defensively they do a tremendous job on different fronts, blitzes, looks.  Offensively, West Coast, very systematic offense, do a really nice job.  A lot of different looks on special teams, so it'll be a very difficult game, one that we need to get better, and it's about we're trying to keep getting better each week, and that's our goal, and keep playing good football.

Q.  Obviously with the concussions that are going on throughout the league and things that have been happening, I know you've dealt with that yourself‑‑
JIMBO FISHER:  We had two guys out last week.

Q.  So looking at that and the two guys that were out for you, how have you dealt with concussions and how do you feel FSU itself has tried to battle against this and not put somebody if they're not ready?
JIMBO FISHER:  Well, I think we're way ahead of the curve in a lot of areas.  We've hired a specialist, one of the top guys out of University of Pittsburgh with the Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic here in town that we're able to access, and he's been with ‑‑ I can't think of the doctor's name at Pittsburgh that everybody was sending their guys to.  He studied under him, been around him, and does a tremendous job in getting that.  And then as soon as our guys are identified with that, immediately it's all in their protocol.  It's totally out of my hands, and I don't want that decision.  They decide when he's ready, when he's not ready, with the testing and when he comes back, how they react.  It's totally up to them, and that's their protocol, and if there's any doubt or things that we see and recognize, then we immediately get them out and get them looked at.

Q.  Now, when you mentioned the fact that the person that you hired, what's the name of that person?  What's their actual job title for you?
JIMBO FISHER:  He works for Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic, but he works with us on this side, which is in town, but those doctors are our team doctors, so they work‑‑ they work and do that with us, and they're experts in the field and do a great job.  It's Dr.Burkhart is his name, Dr.Burkhart.

Q.  And then going to the game, down 38‑28, four straight touchdowns, you allowed a field goal.  McGuire did it in a comeback and then Winston obviously did what he does in this one.  What can you say about the team's resiliency and the ability to come back under any leadership and get a victory?
JIMBO FISHER:  Well, I think it's part of hopefully the culture which we've created to be able to compete and persevere and just keep fighting.  We have a lot of great kids who believe in what we teach and what we do.  They believe that they can win, and they believe they can have success, and they don't‑‑ they don't ever give up, and they just do what they're coached to do.

Q.  Coming off that game last week, people were saying, geez, the Florida State defense really misses those talented guys they lost or the Florida State defense really misses the coordinator it lost.  How much does your defense miss those folks?  How concerned are you or not about the defense this year?
JIMBO FISHER:  I'm not really concerned.  I think we're getting better in a lot of ways.  I think they gave us some looks in the first quarter and they scored 17 points after that, and that was all off offensive turnovers and special teams turnovers.  I thought our guys did a great job.  I thought we played tremendous at Clemson.  I think we have a lot of young players that are really emerging, and if you remember, we were in this same kind of situation a year ago, about where we were at Boston College, and ran up and down the field for 300‑something yards and moved the ball, and each team takes its time to have identity.  We have very good players, our guys are growing each week.  We're getting these young ‑‑ I'm excited, we're finally getting our corners back healthy, Darby and PJ are starting to get healthy.  They haven't been healthy the whole time in the last‑‑ the whole season.  Got Mario Edwards back in the mix, you get our young end with Featherston coming on now.  We lost Nile inside, but our backup got banged up a little bit, but I think our Coach Kelly is doing a great job with that.  He's coaching very well, great coach, made great adjustments in that game, and in the second quarter to not give up any more points in the second quarter, and then the only points they gave up was off of special teams turnover and interception.
I think they did a tremendous job, especially when a team has two or three weeks to prepare and do some things for you.

Q.  There was a lot of talk at ACC media days on the quality of the conference and the way that they competed last year, but right now you guys are the only ranked team but you've played two close conference games.  What do you think five weeks into the season about the depth of the ACC right now?
JIMBO FISHER:  I still think it's good.  You've had big wins.  Boston College beat USC, also.  Whether you're ranked or whatever, I think it's a quality conference, has great players, consistently has the second most players in the NFL of any league, and I think we have a very good league.

Q.  Is it surprising to you that you guys are the only one right now in the AP top 25?
JIMBO FISHER:  Yeah, I guess so.  That is very rare because I think the league is much better than people are perceiving it as.

Q.  Now that the game is over and you've won it and you've had a chance to go back and look at it on film, what is your reaction to the play that Brissett made where he scrambled out of two sacks and caught the guy in the end zone, and other than the fact that it was against your team, how impressed were you at his ability to get out of trouble and make that play?
JIMBO FISHER:  Oh, very impressed.  That was a tremendous play.  He's big, he's strong, and not only to break the tackle but then to keep the poise and keep his eyes downfield and make plays, that's a very special gift.  He's a very, very good football player.

Q.  Talk about the defense; the last couple weeks the defense looks like it's been‑‑ they're trying to get the big plays but they're not tackling the players and they're getting extra yards.  Is that something you guys have to work on in practice?
JIMBO FISHER:  We did last week.  Clemson we tackled excellent.  We played very well in the Clemson game, tackled very well, made a lot of good plays.  I thought they played excellent in the Clemson game.  Offensively we didn't move the ball as well as we needed to.  I thought last week we did not tackle as well, we missed some tackles, and we all constantly work on it, and we'll put some extra time on it.

Q.  Talk about Wake Forest; what do you see on their offense that might give you a problem on Saturday at home?
JIMBO FISHER:  Well, they're very systematic.  They've got a great system.  Their offensive linemen are good.  The young quarterback is doing a really good job.  He knows where he's going with the ball, how to get it in his hands, hard to get to, gets it out on rhythm, gets it to the spots he needs to get it to, and they mix the run and formations up very well.

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