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September 27, 2014

Kevin Wilson

Maryland – 37
Indiana - 15

KEVIN WILSON:  Again, really solid performance by our opponent today, kind of got us in all phases.  We made a few plays in the kick game.  Defense gave us some stuff, stopped the run, but we didn't defend the pass.  Offensively, even though we didn't throw it well, you know, we really, if you take out a couple of big runs, we didn't consistently run it well, so we just kind of got beat up front, beat at the line of scrimmage, and just got to continue to‑‑ we expect more, better than that, and at the same time Maryland played very, very well, so I do not want to undermine them.  I thought they were very, very good coming in.  I knew it would be a tough challenge.
Like I said, we've just got to play a lot better across the board.  Just got beat in all phases, coaching and everything.

Q.  Are you concerned about how your team would handle success after what happened last year?
KEVIN WILSON:  I don't know if I would say concerned.  We talked about it, orally, about just we had a good week of work.  Like I say, as much as anything, we just kind of got beat at the line of scrimmage.  What did we finish with, one turnover there, and that was at the end on a go ball, you know, so we were sloppy.
We had good preparation.  We've got a good group of dudes.  I've got a lot of respect and love for those kids in there.  I kind of want it for those guys really bad because they do a lot, a lot of really good things.  I thought we had a solid week, could always be better, but I didn't think it was bad.  We weren't beating our chests.  We talked about how really good players and good teams repeat the process, and you know, you've got to get back in preparation and game planning, study, getting your body right, and let's have a good week and come out and plan let's go after it.
Like I say, we just‑‑ just disappointed at the line of scrimmage there, built the nickel and dime, keep us going, our inability to go suit and to not do so, and like I say, just kind of got beat.  I don't think it was because of last week.
I get where you could say that because we did lose, but last week was last week, and we didn't try to dwell on it.  We've got some things to learn from this week as coaches and players, and we won't dwell on that, we'll try to learn as fast as we can, put together a good plan because with Texas being an open date, we'll be in there ready to roll 2:30 next week, and we need a good week next week.

Q.  Why do you think you had so much trouble?  This is such a good offensive team, your team.  Why do you think you had so much difficulty moving the ball today?
KEVIN WILSON:  To me line of scrimmage.  You know, we just got behind chains, so when we ran the ball sometimes‑‑ again, we'll look at game planning and schematics and tendencies and things we can do.  You know, we didn't really necessarily repeat the same thing because we didn't see the same opponent structure‑wise.
You know, you pick your spots.  You've got a lot of stuff in your arsenal, you pick what to do.  So we'll look at what we did, but as much as anything, at the line of scrimmage they kind of owned us a little bit, and then they got us behind, things started dropping, guys into coverage, windows were tight or pressuring, and the quarterback not having some time.  So just like I say, just got our butts whipped.
We'll look at schemes and see if we can help ourselves.

Q.  Did you feel that they had an off game, or was the passing game struggles, do you attribute that to kind of what you talked about?
KEVIN WILSON:  I think‑‑ again, I think he managed it well.  He kind of made an adjustment on the one play through the pick, and then that was my only question afterward was like, why.  Well, by then the game was a little bit kind of in balance at five and a half, six minutes with three scores down.  I thought he managed some things okay.  Again, he's going to look really good when his counterparts are working as a team.  Today we weren't blocking and the run wasn't as consistent as we needed it to be because you can look at those run stats, and it says, what is it, 200 yards or whatever, but if you take out a couple, three of those big runs, you've got a bunch of negative and zero and one and two and three‑yard runs, so you're getting 3rd and 7, 3rd and 8, too long, and then from there they did a great job with their coverage and blitz stuff.  Like I say, he had a couple drops that he had, so I mean, he's got to play better, but at the same time I think as a team our offense let him down more than anything he did.  I'm pretty sure of that, and as coaches we let him down.

Q.  What did Maryland do offensively to hurt you guys?
KEVIN WILSON:  Not a lot unusual.  I mean, they were going to do some stuff with the quarterback run game, tempo a little bit, they had enough balance, they had enough success at the line of scrimmage to stay on schedule and to work their play actions, their screens, their shots, so again, I think you lose the game and we really got to be better at both lines of scrimmage because we lost the game up front, and that's disappointing.

Q.  Was there anything schematic on defense?
KEVIN WILSON:  No, as much as, again, if you put numbers in in normal downs to take‑‑ for example, even when they go empty, that quarterback was going to run a draw or be a part of it so you study and account for him, so mathematically unless you're going cover zero, if you're playing some type of help coverage, whether it be one high or two high, they're kind of outnumbering you, and then from there the ball just got in space and a couple times we lost leverage on the ball.  Sometimes a play should go for four, six, they went for eight, 10, 12, 14, because we got blocked, we didn't trap it right, we didn't leverage right and squeeze it down.  So bottom line, because their quarterback run game factor, the box was always you need to take care of it, and if you didn't, they were going to run it well.  When you did, whether it be their screens or those one‑on‑one shots that they got us with.

Q.  What happened with Spriggs there at the end?
KEVIN WILSON:  He said someone fell into his leg.  They said he was good to go, could come back, they taped him up, but at the time that it was, Peyton Eckert kind of came in for him, was playing a lot, and I told Greg, let's just kind of shut him down, so we'll see where he is moving forward.  Like I say, they said he was good to go back, but by the time‑‑ three scores, five minutes, we didn't put him back in.

Q.  At the end of the first half (inaudible) field goal.  What needed to happen in the second half?
KEVIN WILSON:  You need to get that first drive going because you have momentum going into halftime, and then we kind of lost it.  We went three‑and‑out, they had a long drive.  I think then we had then another short possession.  They had two long drives to start with, so it was kind of like, we came out of the locker room and they kind of owned the first part of third quarter, and then from there we were uphill sledding.  We kind of weathered the storm and a couple plays called back, and the field goal was kind of nice.  You're kind of in the game.  It's 29, so maybe a little closer than the score was, and you've got the ball and you do nothing.
Then they had a nice drive, you get the ball back again, do nothing, and from there it was a little bit of uphill sledding.

Q.  Did you discuss the last call?
KEVIN WILSON:  No, just as much as, again, you just‑‑ I mean, there's going to be calls, so I mean, there was‑‑ it's just one more time where substitution was supposed to be allowed.  Like I just came mechanically, I just had to take a time‑out.  I thought we were getting ready to not be lined up, and at the same time, I mean, you know, it's my prerogative to call a time‑out to help us.  I thought we needed one.  And from there I just tried to make a point to them that I didn't think it was right.  But those guys do a good job.  It's part of it.  Where we're at building a team, we can sit and talk about that until we're blue in the face or whatever.  You know, we just told our guys, your size, your building, your team, you're not going to get a bunch of split decisions, you've got to knock people out.  So if you're waiting for things to get a bunch of good bounces or‑‑ you've got to make your own fortune by being aggressive and attacking, and we were not that way today.  Our opponent was, and that's why they won.  And they clearly won the game.
You know, credit to those guys because they clearly won the game.

Q.  Did you see Murphy‑‑
KEVIN WILSON:  Yeah, he tweaked a ham at Wednesday's practice, and they actually went out at warm‑ups, and we thought on Friday he'd probably‑‑ maybe he was out, but he still wanted to try, and so he wasn't at disposal, but I think it's minor enough that there will be a good shot for next week.  It was good enough he dressed.  At the same time when he‑‑ I think it was Wednesday's practice, might have been Tuesday, but by the time that it happened, he tried to get back, but I don't think that was a factor.  Chase Dutra did a nice job in there for him, which was good to see, and Mark will come back and do well, hopefully this week.

Q.  How much was it a challenge just to see plays (inaudible) 3rd and 12 or 3rd and 17?
KEVIN WILSON:  The 3rd downs were‑‑ the one time they got us on the speed option, I think, and it was 3rd and 16, 17, his speed‑‑ nice play call, great, great execution.  So when you got him on schedule, you want to get him off.  A couple times we let him off the hook.  We were a little bit better.  For example, we could go, we were 1 of 14 on 3rd downs today or 9 of 19, but you consistently didn't have the plays last week.  We had a lot of consistency within the flow of the game.  Defensively we were 5 of 14 on 3rd down, but we let them off on a couple, or shoot, they're 3 of 14.  The big plays‑‑ that was going to be a little bit of concern because they with their quarterback run game were going to work us a little bit if we didn't load it up, and by loading it up, again, every time you stop the run, everybody says, boy, your D‑line is playing great, but it's those backers, safety, corner fits that make so much of difference.  When you do that you've got to hold on to coverage, and with their receivers, they took advantage, protection held up, quarterbacks made shots, they were 22 of 33, and it was a big day for them in the passing game, 360.

Q.  Did you get an explanation on the unsportsmanlike conduct?
KEVIN WILSON:  None.  I wasn't‑‑ I think I was just telling the crowd to get fired up; we're going to appreciate our fans.  They were great today, and I apologize for them.  Our guys didn't play like they were capable of.  Again, they'll keep fighting for them.  We need a big crowd next week at 2:30, and it was great to have that crowd energy, and we'll get our guys back fighting back and play 60 minutes next week and have a good go.

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