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September 27, 2014

Kyle Flood


THE MODERATOR:  We'll get started with an opening statement from Coach Flood and then take some questions.
COACH KYLE FLOOD:  Good afternoon.  Really proud of the effort of our football team.  I know this statistic was given to you guys earlier in the week, but 51 percent of the teams that play Navy lose the next week, because it's a hard game.
It's a physical game.  When you play them, you're playing a different scheme on defense.  Offensively, they present you with multiple looks that most teams don't present you with.
So it was a challenge that we presented to our football team.  I thought they did a great job this week of preparing, taking care of their bodies, and coming out ready to play.
Started that game 21‑0 and then to finish the game the way we did, I'm really excited about the way our football team played today.  Questions.

Q.  Could you talk about Gary becoming the all time leading touchdown passes today and kind of what that says about him.  What that means.
COACH KYLE FLOOD:  Sure.  It really wasn't anything that I focused on before the game.  Jay told me afterwards that he had broken the record.  I guess on some level I knew he was close, but it wasn't something I was tracking.  Not because ‑‑ I just felt like at some point this year he would have it.
I think it demonstrates that he's played good football over a long period of time.  When you get into all time career leader in a category like victories or touchdowns or rushing yards or passing yards, you have to play a lot of football to do that.  And to play a lot of football, you got to play well.  Gary's not perfect, but Gary has played a lot of good football for us.

Q.  Talk about what you saw in a Ken's play and if Andre has to start next week just your confidence level in him.
COACH KYLE FLOOD:  I didn't really see much of it.  I saw the play, but it was on the other sideline.  They made the call, they reviewed it and that's the way it works.
So there's no appeal process.  It is what it is.  He was suspended for the second half this week and he'll be suspended for the first half next week and over the next couple days as we get closer to Tuesday we'll figure out who is going to start the game.

Q.  Was Gary ‑‑ not that there's ever a bad time to throw four TD's, but was it especially important with Paul James out and questions how the offense was going to jump start?
COACH KYLE FLOOD:  I don't think it was so much the fact that Paul James was out, but the way they played defense, they load the box.
They are committed to stopping the run and they're going to create one‑on‑ones.  We needed to it make some plays in the passing game to loosen them up a little bit.
So I think that was probably more important and more of a reason‑‑ not really Paul James, because I think we have got talented guys carrying the football.  Both of them were over 80 yards today.

Q.  Initial impressions on Des and Justin today.
COACH KYLE FLOOD:  I thought they ran hard, they ran well for the most part.  I'm sure there will be corrections.  Des ran it 21 times, Justin 12 times, so 33 carries.
I thought Gary had two third down conversions with his feet today.  I think it was two.  I think those are big plays in the game as well.  So and good decisions by him.

Q.  Talk about Carroo today, his performance and ‑‑ is he bringing it to another level?
COACH KYLE FLOOD:  He's been making spectacular catches now for the last two years.  So I don't know if it's to another level or not.  I think he's played at a very high level now for close to a year and a third, I guess it would be.
I thought he made two catches today that were really spectacular catches, one of them on the corner in the end zone for the touchdown and the other one on the sideline.  The ball was down below his left hip and he caught it with his fingertips and then went up the sideline for another 20 yards.  So I think he made some high level of difficulty catches today.  That's probably why he jumps out.

Q.  The ability to stay with the run in the second half and kind of get it churning, how important is it just for the psyche of a team to do that?
COACH KYLE FLOOD:  I think it's really important.  I think it's really important because it's what we say we are.  And if we're going to say we are, then you have to be able to do it.
We had a six‑play drive, a seven‑play drive and a 12‑play drive in the second half and that's really good.  And then I don't know how many plays that last drive when we got a chance to finish the game.  So that's a good thing when you can finish the game with the ball in your hands.

Q.  From your advantage point the Turzilli play, how did that unfold and was that mostly Turzilli making a great route or how did that unfold?
COACH KYLE FLOOD:  The first read was Leonte.  Gary didn't think it was a good look, so he came to Turzilli, it was the second read, and he hit him in stride and it was a good throw, it was a good catch.  And if you can catch it in stride clean, you got a chance to run away and I think Drew has got good speed and he was able to do that.

Q.  I know you believe in momentum in games, did you feel like that was a knockout blow or a turning point?
COACH KYLE FLOOD:  I didn't feel it was a knockout blow, it was too early in the game for that.  But it's a big play in the game.  That play, that play got us up 21.
Yeah, you get up 21‑0 on somebody, I would imagine your chances of winning the game go pretty high.  So the game's not over, there's a lot of football left to play, but it certainly gave us a lot of momentum.  You start with the minus one yard line and three plays later you score a touchdown, there's some momentum to be had there.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH KYLE FLOOD:  I got to watch the film.  I'm not sure yet.  I'm not sure.  I think as a team we played good defense, he's a part of that.  So he certainly helped us play good defense today.
But I think we're really going to have to examine how well he played and then see what Kevin's availability is going forward and then decide again who is the best person to start the game for us.

Q.  How was the communication on defense with Kevin out most of the last two games, was that just Waters takes that over and how does that go?
COACH KYLE FLOOD:  The middle linebacker has got to do a lot of that job.  Lorenzo does that on the back end, but that's even when Kevin is in there.  So I think that, watching it on the sideline today, I thought the communication on defense was very good.  Thank you.

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