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September 24, 2014

Frank Beamer

FRANK BEAMER:  Yeah, this is a week that we really need to get better as a football team, working hard to get better, coaching hard to get better, and it's just up to us to be that way.  We're playing a team that certainly I've got great respect for, and it's no disrespect to Michigan, Western Michigan, but we're in a situation where Virginia Tech needs to get better.  That's the thing that needs to happen this week, regardless of who we're playing.  Regardless of who we're playing.

Q.  Are you over your cold?
FRANK BEAMER:  Yeah, I am, thanks for your concern right there.  I'm much better.  I was at the point where I was either going to die or get better, so thank goodness I got better.

Q.  Shane and Aaron said to us yesterday that they felt like you guys maybe abandoned the run game a little too quickly this past Saturday.  What have you thought about the play calling and the balance in terms of run and pass?
FRANK BEAMER:  Well, I think we're always striving to be a balanced offense, and that's the big picture with us.  The better we can run it, the better we can throw it, and the better we can throw it, the better we run it.  I've always felt like to have a really good football team, you have to be able to do both, and that's always been our philosophy.  I think we got the ability to be good at both, and we've just got to keep working to get there.

Q.  Shane said that he thinks McKenzie and Williams are both backs that get better as the game goes on.  Do you see that, and does that kind of force you to maybe commit to the run a little more?
FRANK BEAMER:  Yeah, I think any time ‑‑ freshmen, you see them getting better every day is an improvement day for those guys, even practice days, game days, the whole deal.  Yeah, I mean, we really feel like both those guys run the ball extremely hard, can break tackles, and got enough speed to get it to the house.  Need to get the ball in their hands.  But we've got some‑‑ I go back to the two freshmen wide receivers, Phillips and Ford.  I'm impressed with their ability, too.

Q.  I wanted to ask you about Kyshoen Jarrett, obviously a guy who has a lot on his plate off the field, taking care of his brother.  Where does he rank maturity wise amongst some of the players you've coached at Virginia Tech?
FRANK BEAMER:  Well, you read the background, and those of us that know the background, very proud, understand what a sacrifice he's had to make over the years, and that's kind of the way you think about him, a guy that has been involved with his home life a lot and does a good job for us on the football field.

Q.  How does his demeanor, his maturity, if you will, kind of rub off on everyone else in that defense and in the locker room?
FRANK BEAMER:  Yeah, I mean, he's a guy that's been around, and I think people‑‑ I think he has the respect of our football team, and they know he's going to give it full go, play hard, play smart.  I think he certainly carries a lot of weight.

Q.  Obviously with your team, you talked about a lot of improvements that you want to see happen heading into the next game.  What are some of the key areas that are sticking out to you?  I know you talked about running offense, passing offense, maybe on the defensive side.  Shed some light on that.
FRANK BEAMER:  Well, again, I think we have good technique in the secondary.  We like to bring pressure, but being good about the pressure lanes and the things that go with that.  But I think the general things are things that have happened from a penalty standpoint, from penalties jumping offsides before the ball is even snapped.  I mean, there's just absolutely no excuse for those other than lack of judgment or poor judgment and not‑‑ and lack of concentration.
We're making an emphasis this week to get those things corrected, and then after that I think everything will kind of fall into place.  When you start out 1st and 15, that's a big difference.  We've got to help ourselves.  We don't need to be working against ourselves.

Q.  The other side of it, offensively you've gone into it a little bit, but what Brewer has done for you, he has seven touchdowns, eight interceptions, so obviously has struggled but has had some success.  What are you taking away from him this week in practice and what are your expectations going forward?
FRANK BEAMER:  Well, you know, he played a great game last week, but those three interceptions wiped it all out, and that's the way the game of football is.  When you've got the ball in your hands every down, when you give it up, that's a super big play.  He understands that.  I think he's going to be better this week than he was last week, and I think that's going to be him all the way is continue to improve each and every week.

Q.  I wanted to ask you about your two sophomore corners.  Fuller and Facyson lead the ACC in passes defended.  I know they don't have any picks yet, but they've broken up more passes than anybody in the league.  Can you comment on how they're playing in their second year and how you feel about them?
FRANK BEAMER:  Well, actually Facyson is not playing.  He's had a knee problem.  Fuller has been I would say dynamic.  He's been excellent.  He knows how to play the game.  He's got certainly great athletic ability, but he's a smart corner.  I mean, he understands combination routes and so forth and what to expect.  He does a good job before the ball is even snapped of figuring things out.
We like him a lot.  I wish a few more Fullers were coming through here.  That's the only thing that's disappointing is this is going to be the last one.

Q.  Well, maybe you'll get the next generation.
FRANK BEAMER:  Yeah, there you go.  That's what we'll wait on.

Q.  I'm sorry about the Facyson thing.  I knew he missed one game, but can you fill me in on what his status is and what it looks like going forward?
FRANK BEAMER:  Well, we're trying to get him well, but if it doesn't come along, we're getting to a stage where we've got to determine do you play him or not play him and try to get a medical red shirt year.  You know, he's not the same self.  Out there in practice, he had a play and Bud Foster was right beside him, and he made a statement, he's just not running like he used to, and it's just true.  He wants to, he's trying to, but he just‑‑ it's not the same as last year.

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