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September 22, 2014

Jared Kaster

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Jared Kaster.

Q.  What has this week been like for you guys, all the changes in the bye week?
JARED KASTER:  An opportunity for us to get better.  Put in the game a week earlier, trying to get your head right.  Past the hard couple weeks we've had.  Try to get everybody's mind right and get ready for Oklahoma State.

Q.  What have you seen different in Davis from the end of last year to the first couple games?
JARED KASTER:  His demeanor.  Yeah, you could say he had a rough game, but he comes out wanting to be the best quarterback in the Big 12, in the nation.  Nothing affects him.  Just keep going.
As a quarterback, you want that in the huddle.  You want a guy we can count on, step up, somebody we can believe in.
He's a totally different person.  He's a quarterback that I see can be playing at the next level, and that's what you want.

Q.  Can you talk about the offensive line in general.  That's been a positive for the team so far this year.
JARED KASTER:  Yeah, it has.  We were put as we were probably going to be the weakest point as an offense.  We took that personal and said, Hey, we want to come out and show everybody we put in this hard work during the off‑season, that we really wanted to step up, take that as a, Look, guys, this team needs us, we got to give Davis some time.
We've taken it day to day trying to get better.  Our goal is trying to be the hardest working O‑line in the country.  That's what we want to be.

Q.  (No microphone.)
JARED KASTER:  We try not to think about it too much because we kind of go out there and do our job every play.  If that's what we do, good things will happen.
Kind of give Davis some credit, too.  He kind of helps us out a little bit.  But, yeah, you put in the hard work, you want to see good results with it, and we have.

Q.  Seems like there is a lot of pressure on your shoulders.
JARED KASTER:  We go out there, I mean, it's our job to give him time, to make his job a lot easier.  That's what our job is.
But, yeah, no big deal.  We go out there and we try our best to do what we can every day to make him a good quarterback.

Q.  Defensive line seemed to give Florida State some troubles.  What have you seen from the defensive line?
JARED KASTER:  They're the same defensive line we saw last year.  They lost one of their D tackles.  They're probably going to be the best D‑line we're going to see so far.  They haven't changed things up since last year.  They come out and play us hard.  They're a very good defensive line, probably one of the best in the Big 12.
We'll come out there and play them hard and they're going to play us hard, so it's going to be fun.

Q.  This rivalry, is that overplayed?  Do you pay attention to that?
JARED KASTER:  I don't know.  You go out there.  Once that first hit goes in, now you're starting to play again.
There's a little bit.  You can kind of tell from going into that game last year.  We're trying to go in here.  We haven't won in their stadium for quite a while.  That's been one of the big emphasis.  You can kind of see the rivalry a little bit.

Q.  What do you remember about the stadium, what makes it a tough place to play?
JARED KASTER:  I had a bad snap my freshman year.  That's pretty much all I remember about that stadium (smiling).
The paddles, right there on you on the sideline.  It's fun, a good atmosphere to play in.  I'm pretty pumped to go there.  My second year to play there.
Yeah, we want to go in there and win, but it's a great environment, that's for sure.

Q.  (No microphone.)
JARED KASTER:  You kind of think about it.  But we're going in here, we want to play our best game that we can play.
Streak, no streak, you don't really think about that.  It motivates you a little bit.  You're not going in there to break a streak, you're going in there to play a game.
That's not the main goal here.  The main goal is win, go 1‑0 in the conference.

Q.  How much pride have you taken in your ability to run the ball?
JARED KASTER:  It's good.  We take pride in that.  As an offensive line, you want to go out there and be able to hit somebody, run the ball.  We have a great handful of runningbacks this year.
That's always a point of emphasis with our kind of offense.  You want to run the ball because it opens up so many things in the pass game.  Obviously we throw the ball a lot.  You want to get the run game going because it brings the linebackers down sometimes to bite on it.
It's good.  Get that run game going, we just got to keep going from here and not stop.

Q.  Talk about the challenge of what you have to do atmosphere‑wise, all that.
JARED KASTER:  You always want to do your best, obviously, in the game.  For us, I think it's really trying to prove to everybody these first couple games we haven't played up to par.  I'm speaking from than a offensive standpoint.
But yeah, you know, we haven't really played our best game since the season started.  That's kind of a big thing.  We want to go in there, play, all 11 of us, play as one, not go out and play individual‑wise, but play as one offense.
We play as good as we can, we'll be unstoppable.  That's just how this offense is.
Yeah, I mean, that's a big thing, to go in here and to finally get a good game going so we can play good.

Q.  Do you feel like you guys really need that game to kind of get you kick started?  You've been close the last couple games.  Do you feel you need a good stretch of offense to get this thing going?
JARED KASTER:  Yeah, this will be a great opportunity to do that.  Like coach said, this is an opportunity for us to go 1‑0 in the Big 12 and get first place.  That would be good.  Oklahoma State is a really good defense.  It will be a good standing point to see where we are offensive‑wise.
It will be really good just to get the ball rolling.
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, Jared.

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