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September 17, 2014

Bobby Petrino

Q.  You said after the game on Saturday that you're not very good on offense right now.  What's kind of the focus this week to get better on offense for your next game?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Well, we came out yesterday and worked extremely hard in practice.  We've got to continue to run the ball better and continue to be more consistent in our passing game in all aspects, our protection, our route running, our timing with our quarterback, so really just working hard to put it all together.

Q.  Are you behind where you had hoped to be at this point in the season or did you kind of go into the season privately thinking this could be a work in progress for that first month?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Well, we knew it was going to be a work in progress with a new quarterback and new offense and everything.  What you'd like to be able to do is win games while you're improving, which we weren't able to do the other day.  I was really encouraged by the way we came out and practiced yesterday and the attitude we had and the work ethic.  We'll just continue to work hard on the practice field.

Q.  First of all, yesterday we heard from Garrick a little bit about you guys trying to help Reggie along with what he's dealing with this week.  At this point are you guys kind of assuming that he'll just be with his family this week, or are you thinking he'll travel with you?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Yeah, we won't have Reggie this week.  You know, it's a very tough situation for him and his family, something that caught him a little bit off guard, and the plans are they have the showing on Friday and the funeral on Saturday, so he's just going to focus on helping his mom and the rest of his family.

Q.  Obviously we're all thinking of him.  As far as football goes, have you guys looked more at that offensive line to maybe mix things up, or are you keeping the same five for now?
BOBBY PETRINO:  They've been out there competing hard in practice, so we'll just see how the week plays out.

Q.  If you could just kind of sum up the things that have really kind of helped Gerod Holliman in the secondary in terms of his pass coverage, and has it been kind of a surprise what you've gotten from your secondary so far?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Oh, I've been very happy with the production we've got from our safeties.  Obviously going into the season, that was a huge concern for us.  We're starting a junior college transfer back there in James Sample, and he had a big game for us against Miami, and Gerod has done a really nice job coming in and playing the ball in the air and being very productive.  A lot of that is helped out by our ability to rush the passer and put pressure on the quarterback, so the good thing is it's played hand in hand, but our safeties have done a really nice job of doing their responsibility.

Q.  What are you kind of looking for from your corners to‑‑ they've played solidly, but what more are you kind of looking for from your corners?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Just to continue to be consistent with their eyes and their discipline and their techniques, whether it's man or zone, and we've been very happy with the way they've played.

Q.  Just curious, how much are you guys really missing DeVante as somebody who can stretch the field and make big plays for the offense?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Yeah, we've missed him.  We've missed that production.  He's a magnificent player and an unbelievable talent, so there's no question that that's taken a little bit of a toll on our big‑play capabilities.  We are getting better at that in practice, and I think one of the things you learn as a football coach, that private victories always precede public victories, so the guys have been working hard in practice.  We've been working hard making big plays and throwing the ball down the field.  We've just got to carry it over from the practice field on to the game field.

Q.  I noticed some of the work he was doing on that interesting machine.  Has there been any change in the timetable for when you guys hope to have him back?
BOBBY PETRINO:  I don't believe there's been a change.  He's a little bit ahead of schedule as far as getting out of the boot and into a normal shoe, and he's been doing a good job in all of his rehab.  But it's a situation where the bone has to heal.

Q.  You don't have a lot of kids who are used to losing, obviously.  Have you noticed any change in disposition since you got back from Virginia?  Any change from what maybe would be the norm so far this year, just again, because they're not used to this taste very much?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Right.  We had a hard day on Sunday when you look at the video and you go through everything and do all the corrections.  I think the number one thing that I was very, very impressed with yesterday was the attitude and work ethic we showed on the practice field and the fact that the Cardinal pride showed up.  I was happy with the way we approached it yesterday.  We need to come back and do it again today.

Q.  Is there a danger at all‑‑ again, you have a lot of kids who were there last year, and I know you weren't, of course, but any time you beat a team 72‑0, the human condition being what it is, you can think this is going to be maybe easier than coaches might think it's going to be.  Is there any concern with that?
BOBBY PETRINO:  I think we approach it just like we did the Miami game; it's a completely new year, two new teams, new schemes, new staff.  We've got to go down and prove that we're a good football team, and that's what we're going to go work hard to do.

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