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September 16, 2014

Brandon Bell

Q.  Brandon, earlier today, Nyeem was talking about how you guys as a defensive unit are watching more film than you ever were before, especially on Monday.  Why did you decide to do that on Monday and how much more film are you guys watching?
BRANDON BELL:  I think Coach probably puts it on us during the week to get a good familiarity with the team we are playing.
So we do watch it together before practice but obviously get as much as you can, we watch it separately on our own time.
Definitely for me, obviously with the bigger role that I have, I can say definitely it helps and it's more important for me to watch film, so I watch a ton more.

Q.  What do you see from UMass since you've been watching film?
BRANDON BELL:  I see that they are definitely a confident group.  They put a lot of points up and not afraid to put the bowel downfield on any of the teams that they have played so far.  So I think we are going to be prepared for whatever they throw at us and we're just going to be ready.

Q.  I want to ask if you set a time, like an extra hour a day, like an extra five, ten hours a week?
BRANDON BELL:  Yeah, I guess you could say an extra two hours I guess throughout the week from before I guess you would say‑‑ another extra day, I guess about two hours.

Q.  Does it help on the field?
BRANDON BELL:  Definitely helps.  We play a lot faster.  They are going to drill it into us during the week anyway, but it makes us know what we see.

Q.  Just talking in generalities, when an offense uses a short passing game to decide ball screens and all that stuff, how tricky is that to defend when they are doing that consistently and getting you out in space and cover both sides of the field and back and forth?
BRANDON BELL:  I don't think it's that tricky.  Just a test of pursuit and swarming to the ball.  If you swarm to the ball it's not going to be that big of an effect.  It's not that difficult.

Q.  Teams were saying that Coach Shoop is calling the other team's play 75 percent of the time.  Have you seen that, and does it surprise you and how does it help you guys that he has that premonition or whatever it is before the play?
BRANDON BELL:  Definitely helps us a lot.  During the week‑‑ we play a game just about every day during the week, so when it comes to Saturday, we know what we'll see and it's easier than during practice.  So I think the preparation during the week is key.

Q.  Curious if you could walk us through your recruiting process, who recruited you and then when the coaching change took place, whether you would‑‑ how you handled that?
BRANDON BELL:  My recruiter was Ron Vanderlinden, and also the lineback coach.  So that definitely had a big key for me coming here, the linebacker unit and his tradition and everything.
While Coach Ron Vanderlinden had left prior to the coaching change, it definitely hit hard a little bit.  Especially the timing it happened and all.  But I still felt as if the school is a place where I wanted to be, and during the coaching search, it didn't really matter who it was going to be.  I think I was going to be here.

Q.  How would you describe Bob Shoop?  How does he compare to your defensive coordinator last year and what are some things he does different?  What is his personality like?
BRANDON BELL:  I think Nyeem said it earlier, I heard it from out there.  Nyeem said he was kind of like a mad scientist and I think that hit it right in the head.  This is a guy that knows what he's talking about, and with that confidence, it's instilled in us and we're just ready to play behind him.

Q.  I think the casual fan would think there's nothing to blitzing; you just run forward.  What are nuances that you have to learn at this level to do it properly and to be successful?
BRANDON BELL:  Whether it comes to blitzing, you have to be backed up.  If you're blitzing, you've got to be backed up behind you in coverage.  Coverage has to be a little bit tighter.  So, I mean definitely the timing and everything plays a big key, too.  So I mean, we love going after a quarterback, so you're not going to see us stop.

Q.  Bill O'Brien got off to a good start with the Texans, 2‑0.  Do you pay attention to that, happy for Bill?
BRANDON BELL:  Definitely.  I mean, we all watch football as much as we can, and we all are happy for Bill.  A couple guys shoot texts here and there, he's a busy guy but definitely happy for him.

Q.  Are you at all surprised he has had quick success?
BRANDON BELL:  Definitely not.  We all know Bill and love Coach Bill O'Brien, so definitely not surprised.

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