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September 16, 2014

DaeSean Hamilton

Q.  You guys ran a lot of wide receiver screens on Saturday, not so much a lot of plays down the field.  Do you feel like that might be offensive line protection not giving enough time for Hack to let plays develop?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Not at all.  Rutgers, their defensive scheme was to keep everything in front of them because they had safeties about 25, 30 yards down field, and they wanted no big plays.  And our offensive mentality, we like to take shots when they are giving to us.  They were just trying to keep us from giving shots.  So we just had to get a in little bit of chunk plays to get the ball moving. 

Q.  I was wondering, a lot of the times like Hack or the other receivers will talk about over the summer, work that you guys would do, like extracurricular type of work, outside of the workouts, you might text each other.  From doing those workouts, do you learn anything in particular about Hackenberg that has helped you this season, and do you think he learned anything about you from some of those extra things?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  I think going out there and getting extra work, it built the chemistry that we have now, with me and Geno and some of the other receivers.  We'll go out there with Hack every morning and throw.  But it just built chemistry.
And then the timing; the timing is really important on offense, and I learned that he likes to put the ball in certain spots and he expects me to be in those spots by the time he finishes his reads and things like that.

Q.  When you would do stuff like that over the summer, would it be just pretty simple; what would it be like?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  We would do things like signal, like signal the routes of the plays we would do.  We just go out there can connect on them and make sure we know the playbook even when it's the off‑season.  Other times, we would just do downs and situations, red zone throws, things like that.

Q.  In Ireland, you said that you were not able to start catching passes until March, I believe.  Not being able to play last year and not being able to catch passes what did you learn being out?  And the second part, how do you feel physically three games?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Being out during spring ball, I was basically inactive until about two days before the spring game, and basically, I just took mental reps, learned the playbook as much as all the other guys on the team were learning the playbook.  And basically I just tried to learn as much mentally without implementing the physical part because I was not able to actually practice yet.
And then now, physically, I feel great.  I feel like I finally got my football legs back.  UCF, I was just not getting it back.  Just getting back in the swing of things from being out for a whole year, I'm finally back and healthy again.

Q.  One of the things that stands out about Coach is his positive mental attitude and his energy.  How long did it take for you to buy into that, and Saturday, when everything is going wrong, was his message very reaffirming?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  To begin with, we kind of started buying into Coach Franklin almost as soon as he got here.  We first met him a couple days after he had gotten the job, and he just basically told us his whole scheme of things, where he's from, what he likes to do, things like that.
Then when spring ball came around, we got a feel for him and started to buy into his processes and things like that.  When we were down against Rutgers, we just didn't get down on ourselves really.
Coach Franklin, I don't think he had any doubt in his mind we were going to be just fine and eventually we would pick things up in the second half.

Q.  A lot of questions surroundings you as a receiving core before the season started and a lot of those questions have been answered so far.  What is Coach Gattis's role in that and how has he helped you as a group through these first three games?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Coach Gattis, he's a perfectionist.  He wants to make sure that all of us are hitting on every single little detail and making sure that we're not necessarily slacking or not paying attention to the little things that the game has to involve us in, and basically every day for practice, we would do little things, little things over and over again and repetition and making sure we get it right.  The only way to please a perfectionist is to be perfect, and that's what we try to do each and every game.

Q.  Looking ahead, is this something with your performance already, have you exceeded your expectations?  Have you met your expectations?  Where is your mind‑set with how you've done so far?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  For me I like to think the sky is the limit for me just like any other athlete in the nation.  I don't necessarily set an expectation for myself.  Never get satisfied.  I always expect myself to do better than what I've done in prior games or anything like that.  I've been pleased, but I always know there's room for improvement no matter what.

Q.  Some of the guys said that because of your practice schedule you're watching more film; is that true for you and how much more would you say you're watching if that's the case?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  We watch a lot of film.  I know last night and yesterday afternoon, the receivers got together and we watched film and last night me and Hack watched even more film on UMass, just getting the scheme of things before the game plan is actually given to us so we don't necessarily go into Tuesday practices being blind sided and not knowing what to expect.  Kind of get a feel of what to expect already.

Q.  What can you sell us about Saeed and Godwin?  We have not seen a lot of them.  How close do you think those guys are to making more of an impact in games?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  I think Chris and Saeed, they have taken long strides from when they got here in the summer.  They picked up the playbook fairly easily and quickly.  I know I helped Chris and Saeed most of the time, me and Geno mostly helped them.
They have it all there physically.  It's just all about playing up to speed; in college football, I know it can be hard to adjust to from high school.  I think they are there.  They need to just get experience under their belt and just learning the game a little bit more.

Q.  You guys didn't have too many long balls in the game against Rutgers.  Is that frustrating for you later in the game as far as finishing your routes and making sure you're following through?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Like I said before, it's just a matter of like how Rutgers was trying to stop us from taking the shots in the game and keeping everything in front of them.  We had to be patient for the most part, and as long as we were patient, everything just took its own course in the second half and we were finally able to get the ball down the field.

Q.  Are you tired of being asked about the Baesean (ph) nickname‑‑ can you tell us how you feel about the nickname?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  No, I'm not tired of it.  I think it's pretty funny.  It makes me laugh when I see people's Tweets and everything when I see BaeShaun and things like that.  It's a little bit of things that guys were joking with me about on the team and things like that but I have no problem with it.

Q.  Mainly Christian?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Yeah, mainly Christian.

Q.  Did you feel like you had your legs for the game‑‑
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Yeah, just getting back into the football aspect and the game, things like that, I know there's plays where I could break tackles and I didn't, or plays where I could finish and give up five or ten more yards on a play and I didn't, things like that.
It's all about being back in the game and getting back into the swing of things and making plays because I've been away for so long, basically just trying to get my groove back, things like that back.

Q.  You had 11 passes for 155 yards that game.  How much more do you think you could have got own out of that game?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Well, when we went back to the film, there was a lot of missed plays, and there was a lot of plays where I could have either gone for about 30 more yards or broken a few more tackles and gotten basically some more first downs and things like that.

Q.  How did you get hurt in high school and coming out with that injury, was there mental struggles for you and did somebody help you get through that?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Well, I had hurt it, I would say, about October, November of my senior year in high school.  I landed on my wrist and it had broke but I did nothing about it, I thought it was a sprain.  Eventually the pain went away.
When I got up here this summer, my freshman year, I had to see the doctors and they found a little bit something strange in my wrist.  They found a broken bone in there and they realized that I needed surgery right away, and I got it in July.  The whole process, it was hard, because I didn't like watching from the sidelines.  I actually wanted to contribute for my team, things like that.
But all the credit goes to really my parents and Coach Phipps (ph).  I was working out with Coach Phipps every day and he was pushing me and not letting me get too down on myself.  My parents were an inspiration every day to make sure I'm not getting down on myself and not thinking it's the end of the world because I'm out for the year and things will be better as long as I'm patient.

Q.  Did Kyle Carter help you out, similar situation?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Yeah, Kyle, he told me like the procedure that he went through, and he told me basically the time table on what maybe we could possibly go through and things like that.  Unfortunately mine went a little longer than his did.  At the same time it was him and Zach Zwinak, we both had wrist injuries in the past, and they just told me things like what to expect and how to overcome it.

Q.  Curious what the relationship is with Allen Robinson.
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  I talked to Allen before the UCF game and he just told me, punished me the best of luck.  He just told me things to expect out there and just go out and make plays like he knew that I could and things like that.
We tried to keep in touch with him, at least me and Geno, because me, Geno and Zanellato, we tried to keep in touch with them because we are the only few that are still teammates with him last year.  We just try to keep a good relationship with him.  I try to see him a few times a week.

Q.  Which player would you say knows this offense the best?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  I would say probably Christian and then after Christian it would probably just be all the O‑linemen, really and then it would fall to the running backs and wide receivers.
Because really, Hack has to know the offense better than anybody because he's obviously the quarterback.  The O‑linemen they have a tough job doing pass protection and run block and things like that.  The halfbacks, they have pass protection, the scan reads on how to protect the quarterback and pass block and things like that.
Then receivers, we have like a little simpler version of out we can basically understand the offense.  So there's nobody really being left behind or it's not too hard for any of us and really‑‑ all of us really know it really well, but I would say it all starts with the quarterback.

Q.  At the bottom‑‑
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  I wouldn't put us at the bottom like where the dumbest players are at (Laughter).  But individually, I think we know the offense as well as anybody.  I'm saying as far as roles and importance and things like that, it would start from quarterback to the linemen and halfbacks and receivers and things like that.

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