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September 13, 2014

Danny Etling

Darrell Hazell

Robert Kugler


COACH HAZELL:  Emotionally we were ready to play.  I thought we came out with a lot of energy and played hard the entire game.  Obviously the second half, probably need to make some more plays on offense, specifically.  We dropped a couple balls and kind of put us behind the 8‑ball.
I thought the defense played hard the entire time.  Playing against a quarterback like that guy, who everybody once in a while he is going to get loose.  Thought we did a pretty good job of containing more post of the day but we have to continue to get better and get this thing ready.

Q.  What did you learn about your team tonight?
COACH HAZELL:  Well, I think the biggest thing you learn about a football team after that performance is they can set the standard of how hard they play.  I felt they came out ready.  So there is no going back not playing at that intensity level.  Something to watch in the film and see that that's accurate.  But there's no question, the energy level on the sideline was terrific.

Q.  Is that the biggest thing you need to see as you push forward here, does it start with the energy you saw tonight?
COACH HAZELL:  I think that's the energy you have to bring each and every week, no matter who you're playing with and that's when you get good performances when you play at that energy level.

Q.  You mentioned talking about playing against a quarterback like Golson and his play‑making ability.  Can you talk about how that play‑making ability can sometimes compensate for mistakes on their side?  They had an ejection, they had penalties and seemed like he's able to maybe make up for those mistakes.
COACH HAZELL:  That's where he hurts you.  You watch the first two weeks against Rice and Michigan, he kept the play extended; whether he ran it or whether he found a guy down the field, those play making capabilities that he has really keep you off‑balance on defense.

Q.  Danny, what do you think the difference was in the offense between the first half and second half?
DANNY ETLING:  I think that we just didn't make as many plays in the second half is the main thing.  I think we played hard.  I don't think there's any doubt about that.  I just think when we came down to it, we were driving down the field and had a few opportunities to make big plays in the passing game, and a few in the running game I thought.  But we were well blocked and we just didn't make those and that's something we have to do if we want to beat a team like NotreDame.

Q.  What do you think about the passing offense particularly in the first half, seemed like you guys were in a better rhythm than you had been the first couple of weeks?
COACH HAZELL:  We definitely were.  I felt that they had given us some things.  We came out with a couple different formations, new formations that they were having trouble lining up against, and we were getting some open guys and we were hitting.

Q.  What was it about Danny this week that you decided to go with him?
COACH HAZELL:  Well, I just thought based on practice, reps and those types of things, I thought he threw the ball as well as he had been in the off‑season.  Just felt more comfortable.

Q.  Robert, what do you take from this game?  Obviously you guys really competed in the first half, can you look at it that way, that there were good things out of this?
ROBERT KUGLER:  Yeah, there were good things but obviously like Danny said, when it came down to it, we didn't execute when we needed to and I think that's just the biggest thing.  There's no doubt that everybody was playing hard.
But that's not going to get it done.  In the end you have to play hard and execute and put it all together, and I think we can do that.  That's what we've got to do.

Q.  Danny, did you feel more comfortable tonight?  It seemed like early maybe the way it was called, got you into kind of a rhythm and seemed like you showed more poise out there?
DANNY ETLING:  Yeah, I definitely felt more comfortable.  Good to have a lot of faith from my teammates and coaches throughout the week of practice.  Just disappointed after the second half of that and I really think that we let it slip away.  I think again, we played hard and I felt more comfortable out there, especially with the blocking we had.  We had great protection all game and I think that really helps a lot, too.

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