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September 13, 2014

Jeff Monken

ARMY – 0

Q.  Coach, generally speaking, obviously a great effort, just the wrong side of the scoreboard almost?
COACH MONKEN:  I don't know.  Effort will be something that we'll have to see when we watch the film.  I hope our guys played hard.  But bottom line, they were more physical than we were when we were trying to block them.  We had a difficult time, and they were blocking us, we weren't doing a great job getting off blocks all the time.

Q.  Did they do anything that surprised you that you didn't expect?
COACH MONKEN:  Nope.  It's exactly what we expected.  It's what we practice for all week, but they were just better.

Q.  In terms of speed, size, just everything or what?
COACH MONKEN:  No, they're a lot bigger.  Every team we play is going to be bigger now.  We don't play any teams that we're going to outsize them, so that's something we've always got to prepare for.  Just I thought after the first drive when they scored, our defense did a pretty good job.  Kept getting them off the field, making them punt, getting out of there on third down, and gave our offense a chance, and we just couldn't move the ball.
56 yards in the first half running the ball.  When you're a running team, you have to be able to run the ball effectively, and we didn't do that.  We fumbled the ball down there in our own territory at the end of the first half and gave them another touchdown.  I still felt like we were in the football game, but we couldn't move it in the second half.  We blew coverage on the first touchdown, and then the next corner route that they threw over there, we blew the coverage again, and should have had a double coverage.  Should have had a guy over the top and a guy playing from underneath, and we didn't.
Hey, we're not going to win a lot of football games unless we play close to perfect in terms of assignments.  That's just the kind of team we are.  When you're not as big as the other team and you're not as fast or physically talented as other teams, then you either got to play harder, be tougher, play with better assignments, better fundamentals.  For all of us, we've got to do all of those things, and we didn't do it today.

Q.  So as you move on from this game, do you take whatever you can out of this and forget about it and move on?
COACH MONKEN:  We made enough mistakes last week in our victory to lose three football games.  Fortunately, we didn't have to lose the game to see all those mistakes and try to correct those.  We tackled better this week than we did last week.  That was an improvement.
But there are a lot of things that go into a football game.  They're a good team.  We're going to watch the film.  We'll watch it critically and there will be a lot of things, I'm sure, that we'll be able to take from this game that will help us for the next one and the ones to come.  But when you just lineup on offense and you can't block them, you get knocked back, I don't care what offense you're running, it's not going to work.  So just that happened too often to us.
The last play there, on 4th and 1 is a perfect example.  We had a good play called and we got knocked back.  Couldn't get around the edge where the opening was, and that was the case on a lot of plays today.

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