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September 13, 2014

Devon Cajuste

Kevin Hogan

Blake Martinez

Barry Sanders

ARMY – 0

Q.  Devon, what was the offense playing today?
DEVON CAJUSTE:  He ran great routes.  We're never going to predetermine who is going to get the ball.  We always have our reads and our progressions, and Devon came out, two corner routes and then on the fade ball just that's a match‑up problem for defenses.  So had to get it to him there, and he ran great routes on those corner routes.

Q.  Kevin, question on the offensive philosophy.  Kind of a balance between trying to do lots of different things and being multiple and being complex, and really getting down concepts and plays, how do you think that's going this year?
KEVIN HOGAN:  It's good.  Our offense has had in the passing game a lot of progression reads just to get into a rhythm, get ourselves going, and getting back something that we did really well early on today getting to our second and third reads when they weren't there.  We had success running the ball too.  It was just overall a good balance today, and nice to convert in the red zone.

Q.  Kevin, this offense has three games now and you're heading into a bye week.  Where do you feel like your offense is now?
KEVIN HOGAN:  We're not where we want to be.  It was a good day today executing, but we know we can get better.  We stalled there in the first half.  We have to find a way to continue those drives and put more points on the board.  But that's something we can work on.  It was a great day for the defense to shut them out and make it easier on us.  But we have to find a way to continue those drives early on and sustain success.

Q.  Blake, what was the keys to stopping (Indiscernible)?
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  Obviously, it's nice to get that shutout, but at the beginning of the week we kind of just emphasized everyone has that certain job that they need to do.  If we do it each play, we're going to be able to stop them.

Q.  Barry, you were 8 yards away from rushing for 100.  Do you feel like you can handle more of the workload?
BARRY SANDERS:  Yeah, today was a good day, but each week we have a plan, so whatever that plan is, we'll go out and execute it.  So Coach Shaw will come up with a plan for Washington, and we'll see what happens.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
BARRY SANDERS:  Yeah, I think overall the offense just started to click in the second half.  The offensive line, they started staying on blocks a little longer and had some good runs.

Q.  Barry, were you surprised they caught you under?
BARRY SANDERS:  Surprised?  No.  But I was running.  That was the only thing.  I ran as hard as I could, and I heard he had a good angle, so I'm going to stick with that story (laughing).

Q.  Blake, between the defense having two shutouts now in two games, given all the guys you've got, how do you feel the defense is headed?
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  I feel we're at a great spot right now.  Honestly, there are going to be mistakes that we made today that we still have to get corrected.  But, yeah, we're gelling pretty well.  We have great leaders.  A.J. Tarpley, Henry Anderson, and David Parry just keep us molded together and bringing us along.

Q.  I'm not sure if that 4th and 2 at the end there, but what was the mood like on the sideline during that timeout?
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  Yeah, we were going crazy.  We were getting as much as we could to the second string guys just for them to be able to make that stop, and they did.

Q.  Blake, did you feel like the triple option gave you guys any problems or did you think that coach had you well prepared?
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  I mean start of the week we kind of just had a little bit of problems.  But as the week went on, we kind of trusted one another.  Once we had that trust, we played pretty well.

Q.  It looked like they got the pitch off almost every time.  Someone nailed the quarterback, and then Stanford was fast enough on the outside to catch whoever got the pitch.

Q.  Devon, pretty efficient day for you.  Four touches, three touchdowns, are you going to be able to keep up that pace?
DEVON CAJUSTE:  Throw me the ball.  I'm going to say that.

Q.  Don't worry about that.  That's a facetious question.  What was your reaction to the day you had, and on the back‑to‑back alley‑oops?  Are you glad they came back to you right away?
DEVON CAJUSTE:  Very fortunate it came back.  Overall, the day was no different than practice.  We practice how we play.

Q.  How did you feel your offense was working in the first half?  Especially there was a stretch there where they stopped you four times in a row?
DEVON CAJUSTE:  We knew we were just making little mistakes and we had to correct them just like we did and clicked in the second half.  We just corrected our mistakes, that's all.

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