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September 13, 2014

V.J. Fehoko

Davis Webb


Q.  V.J., how frustrating was it to give up touchdowns on all but the two drives today?
V.J. FEHOKO:  I think it was very frustrating due to the communication error up front with the defense.  We had guys doing too much.  We had a duplication, I feel, on some parts, and Arkansas's a good team.  You can't have mental errors that lead to big plays.  In this conference, the smallest mistakes go the longest ways.

Q.  What was the communication error?
V.J. FEHOKO:  I think we had guys doing too much.  Guys trying to make plays that aren't theirs.  Everybody trying not playing their 111s.

Q.  Why were they so successful after the first contact?  It seemed their running backs were running free.
V.J. FEHOKO:  These are good running backs.  They've got a Trio who is kind of a jack of all trades.  You have the power back, you have the speed back, and so getting adjusted to the different backs that are in the game.  I think understanding the personnel and who was in was also another thing that we lacked.  We should have understood what type of backs were in and we are dealing with.  Are we dealing with a quick back?  Are we dealing with a power back?  Arkansas burst into the line, which I think everybody started to almost brain fart so to say in that sense, because they hadn't shown that on film.  They're not a hurry‑up team, but they executed well.  As you can see, they were successful.

Q.  Psychologically after something like this, how is the defense going to be moving forward?
V.J. FEHOKO:  I think we'll be fine.  We've got a bye week to rest up guys that are a little banged up.  You know, that extra week is going to be key to us as far as getting prepared mentally.  Coach Wallerstedt and Coach Smith had a great game plan going in, we just had guys that I think were doing too much.  You know, the defense works if everybody does their 111s.

Q.  How tough was that third quarter when you were on the field about 13 minutes?
V.J. FEHOKO:  Oh, when you're in the game, I don't really count the snaps I'm in or how long I'm in.  The motive and the drive is to get off the field, and that's what we lacked by mental errors or by physical errors.  We'll see on film to get it cleaned up, but we didn't get our three‑and‑outs like we should have.  They were successful on third down, and that's what led the drive to keep going.

Q.  You said guys didn't follow their 111.  You had a quarterback getting out of their gaps or with the wrong gaps?
V.J. FEHOKO:  I feel that while I was in there, we've got to watch the film and we've got to see where the errors were made.  But I felt like the fits were a little different than we had planned in practice.  The only way they're going to break for big yards on this game plan is if someone's not doing their job.

Q.  As a defensive player does it hurt your pride?  SEC talks all the time about (Indiscernible)?
V.J. FEHOKO:  To me it's more on the individuals.  I don't think they were something they were built up to be.  They executed well.  I think every O‑line's big in the country.  But like I said t came down to mental mistakes, not so much physical.  Of course, missed tackles that leads to big yardage, but I think had we done our job and had we done our game plan, we would have been successful.

Q.  V.J., the sight of (Indiscernible), and you guys got down, was it an, oh, no, here we go again syndrome?  Was it as quiet as it looked on the sideline?  Nobody firing each other up?
V.J. FEHOKO:  You know, it's tough.  It's tough when the ball's not going your way and the momentum's not going your way.  But I think we've got to just persevere and fight through it.  As a team we've got a lot of young guys, but that's no excuse.  I think energy and that fire comes from within.
It's sort of a cancer if someone's getting down.  It spreads throughout the team.  I feel that that didn't come until the fourth quarter until I felt the team's demeanor start to fade after they started breaking away and scoring touchdowns.  But on us, that's a mental error.  We've got to be stronger mentally.

Q.  Davis, the offense was a little inconsistent again today.  What did you see from your guys out there today?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, again, we just didn't execute.  We had a great game plan by Coach Kingsbury and Coach Morris, and we just didn't execute.  From my standpoint, I threw that big interception before halftime, which is a kill for this team.  We had a fumble and just weren't executing.  Had a couple of three‑and‑outs.  We've got to get better for Stillwater, because I know it's going to be a tough game.

Q.  Davis, when the defense is struggling like it is, how much pressure does that put on you guys as an offense?
DAVIS WEBB:  I can't worry about that.  My job is to do whatever it takes to score more points than the other team.  Is it that's 70 to 71, so be it.  Our team can be a really good defense, and we've all got to execute.  Today the offense didn't execute.  We had two turnovers inside their 20.  They had 20 yards to score.  You know what I'm trying to say.  Two stupid turnovers.  Yeah, it's on the offense.  It should be.

Q.  What about that turning point late in the first half after you made that turnover after you got the turnover on the other side?
DAVIS WEBB:  Say that again?

Q.  Just talk about how important that late turnover in the second quarter was?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, just lack of execution.  My second read was wide open.  My third read I tried to press it, tried to hit Brad over the middle and it didn't work out that time.  I've got to play maybe more consistent every snap.  If we're going to play 80 plays a game, we have to play 80 good snaps a game in the 60 to 70 range.

Q.  (No microphone)?
DAVIS WEBB:  Dillard on a dig was wide open.

Q.  Seems like a lot of your mistakes were over the middle.  Did you struggle to see the linebacker drop back?
DAVIS WEBB:  Oh, they did a great job.  Arkansas's team, give them all the credit in the world.  They had a great game plan for us.  They dropped back pretty deep and took away the middle of the field.  That was a huge emphasis we were trying to hit this week.  Once they took that away, just be quick on the move, but we weren't good enough today.  Huge credit to them.  They played hard.

Q.  After a couple of weeks like you've had, is it getting harder and harder to not press and try to get that offense going and try to do everything?
DAVIS WEBB:  Not really.  We know how good we can be.  We've got to do it.  Got to play 80 straight plays of hard.  80 plays to do your job, stop worrying about everything else, ignore the noise and play our game.  I know we've got a chance to do it next Thursday.  We have a chance to do it on ESPN Thursday night.  It's a huge showing for us.  If we win every game from here on out, I'm sure no one's going to be talking about this today.

Q.  Is this a good time for the bye week for you guys, you think?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, get everybody on the same page.  Realize if we don't do our job, what's going to happen.  We got lucky the first two games and now we realize if you don't do your job, you're going to lose the game.  From here on out, it's going to be tough teams, and Big 12 Conference is going to be fun.  I know these guys are going to be ready.

Q.  What is your message to the group when you're huddled up tomorrow or on Monday when you're talking to your teammates what is the message?
DAVIS WEBB:  They're going to see it on film.  We had plays out there and we didn't make them.  That starts with me.  Had a lot of plays out there, forced a couple of throws.  Had two turnovers, and you can't do that in this conference against a tough team.  If you don't turn the ball over and play like you're coached to do, you're going to win the game.  I didn't do that today.

Q.  How tough is it to win when you're getting in the 80s and 90s?
DAVIS WEBB:  There is no excuse.  If we're going to run 67 plays, we better score three or more times than we did today.  Those turnovers were huge for us.  No matter how many plays we run in a game, we're going to score in 1:30 minutes, 2 minutes, 3 minutes we've just got to finish drives.

Q.  (Indiscernible).
V.J. FEHOKO:  Yeah, they had a great game plan.  I had to make the throws.  I made a lot of good throws tonight.  Today I just missed a couple.  Those were two interceptions.  I missed D.J. across the middle.  But if you're going to throw it 60 times a game like we usually do, you're going to have three or four bad ones.  It's just how you respond.  We responded okay, but we didn't finish the game.  We just kind of quit.

Q.  How do you feel about your footwork today?  I know you talked about that last week?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, it was much improved.  I think it was pretty good today.  I missed a couple throws again, but that's part of the game.  I had a lot of good throws today.  That one to Jakeem was probably the best throw I've thrown in my life.  We've got to look at the positives in this game.  We have a lot of positives, but we still have those negatives we have to take care of.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
DAVIS WEBB:  The touchdown.

Q.  Davis, you sound frustrated.  Are you frustrated?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yes.  We expected to win this game.  We had every opportunity to do it too.  We had a chance to go up 14‑0.  The first drive we go three‑and‑out.  Two turnovers, one by me, or two turnovers, both by me, I'm sorry.  There were a lot of things we could have been better at today and we didn't execute.  I'm frustrated from my standpoint.  Not from the team's standpoint, but from me.

Q.  I guess the million dollar question is how do you overcome that?
DAVIS WEBB:  How do you overcome that?  We'll find out next Thursday.

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