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September 13, 2014

Kliff Kingsbury


Q.  Coach, defensively is it a scheme, personnel, or is it just a case where Arkansas's better and your defense isn't very good?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Just lined up and we knew it was coming, we just didn't get it stopped.  I thought offensively the first half we gave them two touchdowns with those turnovers, and you can't put your defense in that position.  The second half we didn't have an answer.

Q.  Kliff, since the defense was a problem last year during that long stretch, is there anything new you can try on the practice field, or do you feel like you've tried everything and you have to keep working?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Yeah, we're working through it.  Some of those new guys, you've got to keep coming, but you've got to give them credit.  They lined up and pounded us, and we didn't‑‑ like I said, we just didn't have an answer today.

Q.  What was it like on the sideline as you've seen them go through you guys?
COACH KINGSBURY:  You know, we knew it was coming like I said all week.  We prepared them and we knew what they wanted to do.  Offensively, like I said, I felt like in the first half we had a chance to swing things a little bit and gave them two touchdowns and never took them out of their game, so they were able to lineup and just hand it off the entire game.

Q.  How much pressure does that put on your offense knowing you pretty much have to score every time you're out there?
COACH KINGSBURY:  That's our mentality as an offense and we just didn't get it done on that side of the ball.  They beat us on both sides of the ball.  There are no excuses.

Q.  Talk about how big of a swing that was, that interception by Webb, that put them up 7 going into the break knowing they've got the ball after halftime?
COACH KINGSBURY:  That was big.  We got the ball back.  Wanted to go score.  Had three timeouts, a minute 30, and just made a couple bad throws there in a row that he can't make in that situation.  It just can't happen.

Q.  Is Davis pressing too much or do you sense that at all?  Do you sense still a pretty calm guy back there?
COACH KINGSBURY:  I thought he was just up‑and‑down.  Some throws we wish he'd take back, but made some big throws.  Has to keep coming, has to keep maturing.  He's working hard; he's just got to play cleaner on the field.

Q.  (Indiscernible) held the ball for 15 minutes in the third quarter.
COACH KINGSBURY:  Anytime a team can do that, just hand it off, it's going to wear you down and we just never recovered.

Q.  When Davis was having his bad stretches today and what did you see was his key issue?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Just not getting through his progression.  Really hanging on that first read and trying to zip it in there instead of just getting into his play makers.  He's got to be disciplined in his reads.

Q.  When the defense struggles to stop the run, not just here but anywhere, folks ask about tackling in practice.  I know a lot of times both in the NFL and college, you don't want to take impact in practice.  What is your philosophy on impact in practice?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Yeah, we'd do a bunch of tackling drills.  We don't take to the ground much, nobody does.  We've just got to wrap up and be better at it.  Like I said, the running backs did a great job.  They had a big holes and they just handed us all day.

Q.  Did you give any consideration to putting Mahomes in when the game got out of hand to give him some reps or did you feel that would be too damaging to everybody's psyche?
COACH KINGSBURY:  No, I just think I wanted Davis to keep seeing it and keep getting more reps.  He's still young, and I wanted him to keep going.

Q.  Kliff, early fourth quarter it's 42‑28, had you 4th and 15 at their 43.  Did you consider going for it at that point?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Yeah, we thought there was enough time to pin them back and try to get a stop, only down two touchdowns, 4th and 15, that's a tough distance to convert.  So we thought we could punt and it didn't work out for us.

Q.  (Indiscernible) was very patient as he approached the line of scrimmage.  What did you see out of everyone, especially the offensive line?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Yeah, I thought it was a combination of things.  I thought at times they opened up big holes and at times it was yards after contact.  They seemed to keep moving the pile, so that's a credit to those guys.  They had a good plan and executed it.

Q.  Where do you think it went wrong today?  Looked like you had a lot of energy in the pregame, lot of energy in the first quarter.  Students were there early.  Seemed like all the things you didn't have against Central Arkansas, you had going in.
COACH KINGSBURY:  Yeah, the atmosphere is great.  Once again, I think you keep going back to it, but the offense turning it over and giving them two touchdowns, you can't have that happen, especially our offense.

Q.  What is your message to these guys?  You had a bye week here and you're ready to go up to Stillwater in a couple of weeks?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Lots of football left, and everything they want to accomplish is ahead of them.  We have this ten‑day stretch before our next game.  We have to use it to get better.

Q.  (Indiscernible) do you feel like you're going to need to amp up maybe the contact in practice before you go?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Yeah, we'll revisit that as a staff tomorrow morning and see what changes we can make and try something that will get our guys going.

Q.  Do you give the guys a couple days to reset and get ready for Oklahoma State?  Give them a couple days off?
COACH KINGSBURY:  No, no, we'll be back at it Monday.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
COACH KINGSBURY:  I thought he ran well when he could.  He got behind.  Didn't have many chances in the second half obviously with the drives, and then we were behind so we were throwing it, but I thought he ran tough.  He's done a good job this year.

Q.  What was Dominique Robertson not in today and why was Jalen Barnes out?
COACH KINGSBURY:  I'm not sure on Jalen.  They just told me he was down, and Dom was an in‑house situation, so he should be back next week.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Yeah, it was just a deal we wanted to sit him this week and bring him back next week.

Q.  Do you think that affected anything today?
COACH KINGSBURY:  No, not at all.

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