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September 9, 2014

Geno Lewis

Q.  Can you just take us through the scene yesterday in the room where you guys had the team meeting?
GENO LEWIS:  Yeah, basically things happen so much over social media now that it goes like hot fire.  We got a message from coach saying that we had a team meeting at 3 o'clock and we all came in and he just basically wanted to tell us everything that we were hearing was accurate and the sanctions were being lifted.  We were just really excited about what happened and we're just humbled and blessed.

Q.  Was there one guy who had maybe like the best reaction to it or somebody was like over the top or anything?
GENO LEWIS:  No, we were all really at the same level.  We were all just really happy.  But we also know we have Rutgers coming up this week, so that's our main focus.

Q.  What do you know about Rutgers and what do they bring?
GENO LEWIS:  They are a pretty good team.  Defense, they like to play man and come after the quarterback a little bit.  We're just going to have to go out there, play our game and be disciplined and just be really detailed in everything that we do.  Just do our job and we'll be fine.

Q.  What have you seen from this Rutgers secondary that you're either looking forward to or is there something you need to be aware of coming into this game?
GENO LEWIS:  We watch film a lot, so I see that these guys like to play press a lot and things like that.  So we are just going to have to be prepared and be able to get off the line.  I'm excited for this game and to go out there and just make plays.

Q.  You guys played in some pretty hostile environments last year, Ohio State and Wisconsin; the UCF game was on a neutral field.  Are you guys looking forward to being the bad guy, so to speak, for the first time this season at an opposing stadium and what do you expect out of the crowd out there at Rutgers?
GENO LEWIS:  I don't see us looking like bad guys.  I just feel that we go out to every game just to go out there and play for each other, complement each other and just to get the win.  No matter where we go, we have to play the game and play football and that's what we have to do.  We just have to be disciplined in our details and just go out there and make plays.

Q.  Will you try to go into the game at all, now that you are Bowl eligible, if you earn it on the field; does it change your mind‑set at all?
GENO LEWIS:  Our main mind‑set is always winning and that's it.  Having Bowl games and or not having Bowl games, you don't go into a game thinking, you know, whatever happens, happens.  We want to win and that's the main focus.  So having the Bowl games, that's a blessing and we're very excited and humbled.  But at the same time, it's another game that we want to go out and win.

Q.  You see Grant Haley every day in practice.  We don't see him that much.  What is he like both as a player and as a person?  Was there a certain point you knew he would be a guy that could help this team out this year?
GENO LEWIS:  He had a great camp.  He's a great player, a great person.  I'm really excited for him this career and the rest of his future.  He's definitely been making some plays during the games and things like that.  I'm really excited for him to keep making an impact on this team this year.

Q.  What's his personality like?  Because we've only talked to him before he got here.
GENO LEWIS:  He's pretty quiet actually.  He doesn't talk too much.  But he goes out on the field and works hard every day, and I've been very impressed with him since he got here.  I'm just happy to have him as a teammate.

Q.  To that same effect what about Christian Campbell, a guy Coach said is going to get more time this week.  What have you seen out of him in practice and how has he become a member of this team just being here since this summer?
GENO LEWIS:  He's a great player, too, and a great person.  He's really lanky and athletic and I think he's going to have a great future here, too.  I'm excited to see him get some more playing time this year, and just see when he goes out there what he can do.
I have faith that he's going to go out there and make plays.

Q.  Going against him in summer camp, what are some of the things he does well?
GENO LEWIS:  Definitely trying to stay in front of the receiver.  He tries to get physical, and you know, he does whatever he can to stay in front of you and make a play on the ball.  So I was really impressed with him this summer.

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