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September 9, 2014

James Franklin

COACH FRANKLIN:テつ I would like to start like I always do and just kind of reviewing some of the things from the Akron game.テつ We did not win the turnover battle.テつ Akron won the turnover battle which is an area we are going to have to get cleaned up.
I thought we made real strides from a penalty perspective.テつ We did win the penalty battle.テつ Dropped all the way down to three penalties in the game, but we are going to have to do a better job of protecting the football.テつ So we won one and didn't win the other one.
The third factor that we always talk about is explosive plays.テつ We had 11 explosive plays on offense.テつ Our goal was to have eight each week.テつ So we got that goal.
And then the other goal defensively is to not give up explosive plays, three or less is our goal.テつ And first time that this defensive staff that we've been together for four years, we didn't give up any and that's the first time that that's ever happened.
We didn't have one, what we consider, explosive play on defense:テつ A run of 15 yards or more or a pass of 25 yards or more, so that was a real positive.
Overall I think we have to do a better job of having 100 percent focus, and 100 percent effort on every single play.テつ What's happening, whether it's offense, defense or special teams, it's one guy, and it's not the same guy.テつ It's one guy, one play and one guy the next play that's not doing his job and we have to get that cleaned up.
We have got to continue to improve each day and each week which is something that I think this staff historically has done a good job of:テつ Waking up every single morning, attacking the day with everything we possibly have academically, athletically, socially and spiritually.テつ When you do that, the days start taking care of themselves; the games, the exams, start to do that, and we have done a good job of that.
Offensively, we are going to have to develop a more consistent running game.テつ I'm not telling you guys anything you don't know.テつ We are going to have to keep doing that and we are going to keep investing in that every single day.テつ That will happen.
We are going to have to score touchdowns in the red zone, not field goals.テつ We are going to have to do a better job of that.テつ We have to consistently protect the quarterback.テつ We've done a pretty good job of that.テつ I think Hack's mobility has been helpful but we have to consistently do a good job of that and protecting the football, which we already talked about.
Defensively, continue to not give up big plays, stopping the run has been huge for us in making teams one‑dimensional.テつ We want to continue to do that.
And then on wefense, we need a little bit more consistency in our kicking.テつ When I talk about kicking, I'm talking about our kickoff and our kickoff coverage, making sure the ball location is where we want it so our defense can start out with a better field position.
Players of the Week from our coaching staff, on offense were Geno Lewis, on defense was Mike Hull, and on wefense was Chris Gulla.
Typically next I would get into talking about Rutgers but I'd like to make a brief statement about what happened yesterday.テつ We've already released one and I'm pretty much going to stick to that statement.
We are very, very appreciative of the opportunity that we have that the NCAA and the Big Ten and that Penn State administration worked so hard to make happen.テつ We are very appreciative of that opportunity.テつ It's amazing how many people texted me and he mailed me last night and said, how awesome that you're Bowl eligible.
We're not Bowl eligible.テつ We have an opportunity to go to a Bowl game.テつ We need to make sure that we can take care of our business this week, which is Rutgers, and that's really what I'd like to talk about.
I know you guys are going to ask me 55 questions that don't have to do with Rutgers, but I would like to talk about Rutgers, Rutgers, Rutgers, Rutgers, and then maybe a little bit more about Rutgers.テつ Probably not going to happen, though.
Let me give you my notes about them, what we've seen so far.テつ Kyle Flood, I've known Kyle for a long time.テつ Got a lot of respect for him.テつ Think he does a really, really good job.テつ This is his third year there.テつ They returned 15 of 22 starts, eight on offense, seven on defense.
You look, they got a win over Washington State on the road in Seattle.テつ They got a win over Howard at home.テつ If you compare the two teams in turnover margin, they have the advantage in penalties per game, they have the advantage in total offense and total defense.テつ We have the advantage in scoring offense.テつ They have the advantage in scoring defense; we have the advantage.テつ They are the stats I think are the most important stats and are pretty telling and we look at them each week.
Really excited about Adam Taliaferro and Eric LeGrand being the honorary captains of the game.テつ Got tremendous respect for Adam.テつ I'd like to get to know Mr.LeGrand a whole lot better.テつ I don't know him very well but I think they are an unbelievable example for all of us, and especially our players, that what you can do when you persevere and you have an unbelievably positive attitude.
So I'm looking forward to getting to know those two guys a lot better.テつ I've gotten to know Adam fairly well so far since we have been here.テつ I think that's a tremendous thing that Rutgers is doing and I'm glad they are.
First Big Ten Conference game for Rutgers in school history.テつ We have 15 players on our team from New Jersey, and obviously we are very, very appreciative of the 49 guys, I probably should have said that just a minute ago, but the 49 guys that stayed with us when the sanctions hit.
On defense, Rutgers, their defensive coordinator, Joe Rossi, has done a really, really good job for them.テつ He's a guy that's been on the staff, left and has comeback.テつ They have seven starters, five senior starters and they play a 4‑3 base defense.テつ Quarter, quarter half in the secondary, very good movement up front, very disruptive, very aggressive, blue collar, hard‑nosed defense.
Players to keep on eye on, their linebacker, No. 45 Kevin Snyder and defensive end No. 58 Kemoko Turay, who has three sacks, and defensive line No. 91 Darius Hampton.
Their coordinator Ralph Friedgen, in his 42nd year of coaching.テつ He's made a noticeable difference in their offense and their confidence and consistency.テつ They run a pro‑style offense, eight returning starters, five offensive touchdowns of 30 yards or more averaging seven yards a play, and they are No. 2 in the Big Ten in scoring.
Gary Nova, their senior quarterback, I think is playing really well right now, completing 67 percent of his passes and is playing with real confidence.テつ Their running back, Paul James, was reading the country in rushing last year before he got hurt.テつ He's back.テつ And then wide receiver, Leonte Carroo is playing really well.
Special teams, Bob Fraser also coaches their linebackers, does a good job.テつ Very experience coach, 29 years of coaching, two years in the NFL and then their kick returner, No.1, Janarion Grant we need to be aware of.テつ I think last year as a true freshman, first time he touched a ball, he took it back for a touchdown and has done some really nice things.テつ Then he's their kick return and punt return guy, so we are going to have to be aware of him and make sure he doesn't have too big of a factor in the game.
So I open it up to questions.

Q.テつ Can you just describe the atmosphere and emotions in that team meeting room yesterday?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ Were you on the phone yet?テつ They said you came in late.テつ Were you on the phone when we said we were going to talk about Rutgers, Rutgers, Rutgers and more Rutgers‑‑

Q.テつ I know but I figured I'd give it a shot.
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ I know, I'm just messing with you.テつ It was obviously pretty cool.テつ The thing that probably I'm a little disappointed with, but there's no reason fighting it any more, it's just how our society is; that I found out and the players found out pretty much on social media.テつ That's just kind of how it is nowadays.
Tried to get a mass text out to the team as soon as I possibly could, but they were already kind of finding out.テつ So I just kind of reinforced what they already knew.テつ I think obviously it was received extremely well and the guys are excited.
But my message to you is the same message that I have to them is that this is great and now there's nothing being held back from them in terms of opportunities.テつ They have the ability to chase their dreams now.
But we are going to go back to our same approach which is one play at a time, one game at a time, one class at a time.テつ So that's been kind of our focus, and I think it was received really well.テつ We did bring the 49 guys on the team that stayed, up front and the rest of the team gave them a standing ovation and told them how much they mean to them and how much we are all in debt to them and how much respect the university, the alumni, the community has for them; and that they are going to play for them, because they were here for this program and this university when we needed them the most.テつ So that was probably one thing that did happen.

Q.テつ You talked about your gut reaction that you felt you needed to play more guys.テつ Who are some guys that need to play more?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ I think it's really the young guys we're talking about.テつ Grant Haley has played a decent amount.テつ We'd like for him to play more.
Marcus Allen is a guy that's playing on special teams, I think he needs to have a bigger role on defense and continue to help in that development and also keep our guys fresh for fourth quarters‑‑ for the fourth quarter and also late in the season.
And then I think you could also take a look on offense, we have to continue the development.テつ We have to continue the development of Saeed Blacknall and Godwin and their development.テつ I think that's going to be important.
And Mike Gesicki, and the other guy that probably you're going to see that's going to play in this game that has not played yet is Christian Campbell on special teams and hopefully his role on defense will develop, as well.

Q.テつ What kind of an influence would you say Ralph Friedgen has been on your coaching career and have you been able to keep in touch with him since the end of your Maryland days?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ Yeah, he's had a big influence.テつ I think Ralph is a very, very good football coach, very well respected.
Obviously my first probably big break in the profession in major college football was at the University of Maryland for five years and we had a lot of success.
So, you know, obviously all the people that I've worked with have had an impact on me from Denny Douds, my former college coach has had probably the biggest impact out of anybody on me.

Q.テつ You are a self‑professed emotional guy‑‑
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ How are you?テつ How are you?テつ How are you, Mark?

Q.テつ I'm doing excellently.テつ How are you?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ Awesome.テつ I'm awesome.テつ Go ahead, I'm sorry.

Q.テつ You're a self‑professed emotional guy.テつ Wanted to ask you about your approach to tempering player's emotions now that the Rutgers game might have additional meaning and that you might‑‑ and that you are eligible‑‑ or that you have an opportunity to be eligible for a Bowl game?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ Yes, sir.テつ I think our approach, I think sometimes people feel that our message in front of the media is different than our message to the team.テつ Our message is consistent because I know our players read everything.
So same thing that I'm conveying to you, I'm conveying to our players.テつ This game is no more important than what central Florida was.テつ This game is no more important than what Akron was.テつ We approach every single game one game at a time and that's the most important game on our schedule because it's the only game on our schedule and that's how we approach it.テつ So it won't change anything.
We just approach it the same way and I think that helps us.テつ That helps us prepare consistently.テつ That helps us to play consistently.テつ That was something I never understood as an assistant.テつ Coaches would always say that but then the next thing they would say was, well, this game is going to be important; if we win this one, the next one is going to be even bigger or this one is more important because it's conference or whatever.
We don't believe that.テつ We are going to approach every single game as if it's the most important game and make sure our preparation is like that.テつ That's going to be our method and that's going to be our plan from here ongoing forward.

Q.テつ You weren't here through a lot of what's happened since 2011, but those 49 guys you had stand up in the room yesterday, can you talk about from your position what those guys mean to you and how special they are and that type of thing?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ Okay.テつ I think‑‑ I will, I think I already kind of covered that.テつ I also probably‑‑ you could even mention some of the recruits.テつ I know reading a lot of stuff, Hackenberg and Breneman are two guys that kind of held the recruiting class together, as well, so you could mention those guys.
I don't think there's any doubt that those 49 guys were part of the program when it happened that stayed will forever be remembered as kind of the foundation for our present and as the foundation for our future and that they sacrificed and that they didn't take a shortcut, which is what we're talking to our guys all the time about is that there are no shortcuts in life.
You know, those guys are a perfect example of that, and I think they are also an example if you just work hard and you keep a positive attitude and you persevere, that good things will happen.テつ That's what I'm more happy about than anything is that those 49 guys can be rewarded for their commitment and for their sacrifice to this community and to this university.

Q.テつ You alluded to the running game and said you felt some guys were trying to do a little too much, departing from the meaning of the play to maybe get a couple extra yards.テつ After you looked at film of the game, could you expand on what you saw and what you're hoping to do with improving the running game?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ Yeah, and I think that's pretty common.テつ What happens is you have a landmark on a play in a running game as a running back or as an offensive lineman, and maybe you're supposed to be double‑teaming and working up to the linebacker.
Well now, you just try to destroy the defensive lineman.テつ You never come off on the linebacker because you're getting frustrated, or you didn't do your job.テつ Where as a running back, you're supposed to chase your landmark, which is the outside hip of the guard, and press it and trust that the line are going to do their job and then make your cut and make your decision.
And things aren't going well ‑‑ and they are all good athletes and they are all great players and in high school, they were able to just kind of make some plays happen that weren't necessarily drawn up by the coaches.テつ But at this level, the athletes are too good, the schemes are too sophisticated and players and scheme are more disciplined.テつ They just have to stick with it.テつ
No different about what I talk about perseverance in other areas, it's the same thing on the football field.テつ You keep doing your job, you keep a really good attitude and keep working hard and good things will happen, and the film showed that.
And we have got great kids here, and the best part is they are coachable.テつ They watch the film, which we all have to do in life is you make the mistake, you own up to it, you man up to it, you get it corrected and you move forward.テつ That same thing on the football field, watching film, that's the same thing in life, and I think our guys understand that.
So because of that, we are able to get it corrected.テつ Where the problem comes is when people or players rationalize and make ex‑excuses, and that's frustrating because then you never have an opportunity to solve the problem or fix it or grow or evolve.テつ And that's what we are all trying to do, including myself, every single day.

Q.テつ Possibly a lot of motivation for Rutgers, night, hostile environment, a lot of noise.テつ Do you do anything specifically to coach the guys to prepare for that or anything in practice to duplicate that environment?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ Again, I just want to make sure everybody is clear:テつ Our approach to this game is going to be exactly the same as it was for Central Florida, exactly the same way it was for Akron.テつ It will not change.テつ We are just as motivated in this game as we were for Akron and we are just as motivated for this game as we were for Central Florida.テつ Our approach will not change.
The one thing that we may do is that when we are playing on the road, the noise will be a different factor in the game so we are going to have to have more noise in practice to get our guys prepared for that so that will probably be the one difference.
But I learned a few years ago, I made that mistake where I waited till an away game to work on noise in practice and it's too late, so we started with our silent counts and implementing noise into practice from the very first day of camp.テつ That's been a part of what we've done since the very first day of camp.
Will it be emphasized a little bit more this week in practice?テつ Yeah, there's no doubt, especially with the new rule change in college football that you can have artificial noise in the stadium up till the snap is imminent.
I think we all noticed that in our stadium that that's a change in college football that you can have music and other things going until the snap is imminent.テつ So we are going to get our guys prepared for that but it won't be until it's imminent.テつ It will be the whole time.テつ We'll have rock, country, rap, hip‑hop.テつ It will be a very club‑like atmosphere at practice this week.

Q.テつ You mentioned Rutgers offensively has been really explosive through two games this year.テつ In what ways do you see Ralph's influence seeping into what they do on offense?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ Well, I think when you've got a guy that's been doing it for 42 years, and just like Dwight Galt, our strength coach, says all the time:テつ It's 30 years of not only doing things right, but doing things wrong and learning from those mistakes and growing and evolving.
Ralph's had tremendous experience, college and in the NFL and has done a nice job.テつ You break them down and look at tendencies and you look at all the things you see from an experienced coach, they show up.テつ I think that's one of the big reasons why they are playing that way.

Q.テつ I'm sure you've seen that probably the Rutgers coach and PA announcer are not saying "Penn State."テつ They are saying, "the school in Pennsylvania" or whatever they are saying.テつ Do you see that as something you're going to have fun with, or is that offensive to you?テつ Do you have any stories like that in terms of a big rival, funny stories like that?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ Well, first of all, I really, really like and respect Kyle Flood.テつ Second of all, I think we are a school in Pennsylvania, I think.テつ So it just describes us.テつ We are a school in Pennsylvania.
So, no, I'm good about it.テつ And again, I do, I really like Kyle and I think I have a good relationship with him.テつ I do think this game from a regional perspective is good for Pennsylvania.
I do think it's good for New Jersey and I think it's good for the Big Ten and I think it's good for both institutions.テつ I think it's going to be a fun game and we're looking forward to playing it.テつ But we have got tremendous respect for Rutgers, for what they have done on the football field and what they have done in the classroom.
As you guys know, I spend a lot of time studying best practice of what people do well and there's a lot of really good things that Rutgers do, so it does.テつ So looking forward to playing the game.

Q.テつ You have some scholarships back, wondering how much could it realistically impact your class of 2015, or is this something you may not see the impact of until later?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ Yeah, it will have an impact on this class, there's no doubt about that.テつ I don't know if it will be as big of an impact as some people may think but we'll get a few more scholarships.テつ The other thing that's being reported that we're going to be able to get to 85, I'm still working through that to see how we're going to be able to do that, be able to get to the 85.
So that's one of the‑‑ a couple things we're working through right now to make sure we completely understand, because it's never clean as everything thinks it is, as black and white as it's reported.テつ There's a lot more specifics and details that go into, so we are trying to work through that right now.
It will have an impact on this class, if it has‑‑ if it gives us the ability to get to the 85, I'm not sure of yet.

Q.テつ I don't know if you had a chance to see the scene last night downtown; what was your reaction to seeing all of that, if you saw it?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ Well, first of all, we were kind of game planning.テつ We were in what we call our submarine.テつ So we were kind of watching film and coming up with game plans and tendencies and down‑and‑distance situations and things like that.
But I was aware of what was going on and I think there's great‑‑ I think it's great to have excitement and enthusiasm and I think it's great that it shows how much people care.テつ I think it's part of the education process, as well, because you can go out and you can enjoy yourself with others.テつ We just have to do it the right way.テつ We've just got to make sure that nobody is injured and we've got to make sure that nothing is damaged and that people are being respectful.
But there is enthusiasm and there is excitement and there is tremendous pride in this school and part of the healing that's taking place and moving forward.テつ I think this is part of it.
So whenever you're dealing with a large group of college students and they are excited, you just always are hopeful that they are doing it the right way.テつ From most of the things that I've read, it was that.

Q.テつ When you interviewed or however it went in your application process, was it said or suggested to you that there was a possibility that these sanctions would be lifted earlier than expected?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ No.テつ The way it was discussed is that the last time the report came out, it was really favorable and that Penn State is working extremely hard to continue working to make some changes and some adjustments and do the things necessary and that we take a lot of pride in that.
That was kind of addressed and if the next report comes out positive again, then we'll see what the future holds.テつ But that was really it.テつ Very similar to what I've told you guys before with recruits; that that carrot was never dangled in front of me.
It was never dangled in front of the recruits.テつ It was very black and white.テつ These are what the sanctions say right now and this is what we are living with, and we are moving forward.テつ And it was very, very black and white; and that if something changed in the future, wonderful.
But it was more speculation from people outside of Penn State than ever inside of Penn State.テつ I heard it from the media and people asking questions and fans and things like that, but internally, it was more, look, these are the things, the steps that we are trying to put in place and we take a lot of pride in the steps we're doing and how we are doing it.
So hopefully we can be a model across this country for how to run an athletic department and how to run a football program and a university as a whole and take pride in that and just see where it goes from there.

Q.テつ When you were at Maryland, there was a lot of offensive brainpower.テつ Can you talk about what that coaches room is like?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ You're exactly right.テつ You had Ralph Friedgen as the head coach.テつ You had Charlie Taaffe who was offensive coordinator at Central Florida, got a chance to see him before the game which is great.テつ Bill O'Brien who is now the coach of the Texas, and John Donovan who I think at the time was the running backs coach or he might have been the recruiting coordinator.テつ And then I was coaching the receivers.
So, yeah, it was a great staff.テつ I think that's the type of staff that we have now where you're able to sit in that room and you're able to have really good dialogue and people are bringing really good input and suggestions and comments.テつ That's what you're trying to do.テつ You're trying to surround yourself with as many good people and coaches as you possibly can that have ideas and that's what that room was like.
I mean, you look at it, our first three years there, I think we won 31 games.テつ Had a lot of success.テつ So you know, that's a treat.テつ I actually stay in touch with most of those guys.
I actually texted Billy last night thanking him for all that he's done the last couple years because I think he's had a huge role in what's happened here.テつ That was a big part of my growth as a coach and a big part of my development.

Q.テつ You talked about the kicking game and specifically kickoff.テつ But what are you having Sam to work on?テつ What needs to get better?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ Well, I think one of the things that happens there is Fick does a great job of getting hang time, which if you watch his field goals and his PATs, that ball gets up and gets up in a hurry which is great on field goals, especially short and intermediate field goals.
But when you want to drive the ball, you can't get as much height on the ball and that also is a factor when you are kicking long field goals, you have a better chance of blocking one, because you know the ball is going to have to come out lower to drive it that type of distance.
And it's the same thing on kickoff.テつ He tried to drive that first one and got on top of it.テつ And then the next one he hit real good, but he hit it out of bounds.テつ We are looking for not only the distance but the hang time, and then also location because we don't want to kick the ball down on the field where now you have to cover 53 and a third.テつ We prefer not to do that.
Just like I think Gulla has been able to do in the punting game.テつ And what Fick has been able to do in field goals, we need also that consistency in kickoff, especially when you're facing a dangerous kickoff returner like we are this week.

Q.テつ I know you're new to the Big Ten but what are your feelings about the Eastern division with Rutgers and Maryland and what you guys have to gain by that, as opposed to maybe playing Wisconsin and Nebraska on more of an annual basis?テつ And also this game in the past had been played a lot at Giants Stadium.テつ I don't know if you had any feeling or the schools on playing on the on‑campus versus the pro arena.
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ Besides Rutgers, I'm more than happy after the season to talk to you guys about my perception of the Big Ten and the different sides of the Big Ten and the Championship Game.
Right now I'm not in a position to talk informed about those things.テつ We are studying Rutgers and that's kind of where our attention is.テつ I think whenever you can play a game on a college campus, I think that's what everybody is looking for and what everybody wants in term of an atmosphere and an excitement and a buzz around campus.テつ I know I would always be in favor of every single one of our games being home in our stadium.
On the road, that's up to that university or that athletic department to make those decisions.テつ I'm looking forward to going and playing at Rutgers and that opportunity and that experience.
The only issue that I've seen that's been negative from it is it is fairly close, so I got a bunch of ticket requests, which I really don't want to be dealing with, but I've got friends and family that that's an easy trip and they want to go.テつ But it also makes me aware of we have to do a good job with our players because I don't want them dealing with ticket requests.テつ I want to get that done during the week and not have to deal with it.
Last week we had a little bit of that, guys popping up on Friday, saying, "Coach, I messed up my ticket."テつ I don't want to be dealing with those things because I look at them as distractions.テつ Let's get those things put to bed.

Q.テつ I know you and the team look at this as one day at a time but the students at the school are so excited looking at the whole big picture of the Bowl games.テつ Seems like overnight, Penn State is the pride, the image, everything's back.テつ Can you comment on that?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ I actually believe that that's always been there.テつ That's one of the things that I said early on in my time at Penn State, because I had spent very little time here to be honest with you, but I have worked at nine different institutions and that's the thing that really jumps out to me is the pride in Penn State is unbelievable, the pride on this campus, the pride in the community.
Even when you're somewhere else, you're in another community, you're in another airport,テつ and you are wearing something with Penn State on it, and they screams out "We are!"テつ And you scream back, "Penn State!"
It's a really special thing and I think it's one of the things that differentiate us.テつ When we have the largest active alumni base in the country, it's special.テつ I think last night was an opportunity for maybe that pride to explode and that excitement to explode because again I think it's part of the feeling.テつ It's part of us moving forward.
So you know, I think it's always been there, I do.テつ I think it's always been there but instead of talking about it in your room with your roommate, people wanted to scream and holler.テつ And again, I think that's okay as long as it's done in the right way and it's constructive and it's not disrespectful and nobody gets hurt and nothing gets damaged.

Q.テつ You talked about the approach this week not changing from previous weeks.テつ Specifically to the defense, can you talk about your defensive philosophy and how the players have taken to that philosophy thus far.
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ Like I said early on, I felt defensively our depth was really good and especially at some key positions like the defensive line.テつ I also knew that based on what we do defensively would be helpful, as well, because we're aggressive and that's how I want to play in all three phases, offense, defense, special teams, in every area of our program, we want to be aggressive.
I think they are enjoying it.テつ I think the other thing is maybe it's a little bit different than what we have done in the past and they are excited about it.テつ So I think that factors in.テつ I'm a big believer that scheming and X's and O's and all those things are important, but I think morale is more important and chemistry.
I think those things are really important.テつ And I think our defense is enjoying playing this style of defense right now and they are flying around and having fun.テつ I think we have got a really good staff in all three areas, offense, defense and special teams.テつ I think our guys are having fun and starting to build confidence.テつ Our philosophy is always to make people one‑dimensional, stop the run and be able to pressure the decision maker.テつ So far, we've done a pretty good job of that.

Q.テつ So you grew up on the East Coast and football fan and everything.テつ Did you ever pay much attention to Rutgers when you were growing up?テつ I know they kind of had a down program for a while.テつ How have you seen that program kind of grow in the last decade to 15 years as they become a little more prominent?
COACH FRANKLIN:テつ Yeah, I think I mentioned this to you guys before, is I wasn't really a watch sports and watch college sports specifically guy.テつ I was running around, playing sports, baseball, basketball, football, all day long, kicked the can, whatever games we were playing outside with our buddies all day long.
Probably should have been studying a little bit more.テつ Probably should have been studying a little bit more.テつ But I wasn't in a guy staying in a house watching sports and watching college sports.テつ I think obviously everybody in the country noticed as well as I did professionally when they were able to really make a move and starting to have more success.テつ That was apparent I think to anybody that follows college football.テつ Did notice that and did see that and am aware of that.

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