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September 6, 2014

Jameis Winston

Q.  Jameis, how do you think you did tonight?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  It's not really about me.  It's about our team's development and getting better every week.

Q.  Do you think your offense performed better than it did last week?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  We executed a lot better.  Obviously, we've got to get better.
We never look at‑‑ like at our opponent because our opponent has no face.¬† We just try to play against ourself and do the right thing and execute.

Q.  How comfortable are you throwing to those running backs?  It looks like you guys will target them a lot.  It looks like you feel pretty okay throwing to Carlos or Dalvin in that situation?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  I'm comfortable with everybody.  That's how this offense is.  We try to give everybody the ball.  A lot of people had touches this game.  That's how Coach Fisher does things.  We spread the ball around and get the play makers the ball.

Q.  Is that almost even more fun for you to be able to spread it all around?  As opposed to last week?  This week when you spread the ball around, is it more fun for you?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Not really fun for me.  It's fun for the other guys.  They get excited.  They get to show each other what they can do with the ball.
Obviously, Rashad has been here four years and Nick has been here four years, they put in hard work and pops, and they show what they can do.  Those young guys, get them confidence.  That's the most thing.  Get them confident and get them comfortable is very important.

Q.  That's something you talked about last year with the mission a couple times, you got to remind yourself, I've got to be able to check it down when I have to, not always throw it out first.  How do you feel you've progressed in finding that balance?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  That's always one of the areas I want to improve on.  I think I'm getting there.  You know I always can get better.

Q.  Jameis, it seemed like as soon as Bobo got in the game, you went right to him.  Is that a target that you maybe missed last week?  Or were you just excited to get him the ball?
JAMEIS WINSTON:¬† I didn't miss‑‑ I mean, we miss Bobo.¬† He's such a dynamic player.¬† It's good to have a guy like him and Kermit out on the field.¬† You can give them the ball, and they can make something happen.¬† We were very glad to have him back.

Q.  You said you were excited to throw him some touchdowns.  How good was it to get one to him?  Like right away you got into the end zone.  How good was it to get one to him quickly?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  We really didn't have no worries about Bobo because he still practiced with us.  I think it was a confidence booster for him, his first game back, getting in the end zone.  So he was very happy with that.
I know he wished he could have got in a second time with the punt return.  He was this close.

Q.¬† When you see some of those freshmen‑‑ obviously, you practiced with them, but until you see them in the game, it's a different animal.¬† It looked like you looked their way a couple of times.¬† (Inaudible).
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Like I said, it's about building their confidence and making sure they're comfortable with me and I'm comfortable with them.  When they're being productive out there, you've got to keep feeding the ball, and it boosts up their confidence and gets them playing faster and playing smarter.

Q.  Jameis, what are you guys looking to accomplish in the bye week leading to the ACC opener?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Prepare hard, practice hard because this is going to be a very important game for us.  Not only as it's an ACC conference game, but to the players, this is a huge game for us, and we really want to get a win in Doak again.

Q.  Jameis, what have you learned about this team the first two games?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, you know, we got to grow.  We got to grow as a team.  We're young, and that's evident that we're young, but we're a team.  Like last year, we grew during the season.  So I'm looking forward to watching this team grow because, if we keep growing, we keep getting better and better every week, the sky's the limit.

Q.  Jameis, with this win, you guys got 18 straight, a new school record.  Do you guys hang your hat on anything like that or just onto the next one?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  No, we go day by day, and we get better and better.  We can't really celebrate for something that three different teams accomplished.  So we got to get some more victories for this program.

Q.  Jameis, is the red zone offense a little bit concerning?  You guys had to settle for a couple of field goals when you got deep in their territory?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  No, we have no concerns.  Offense, that's all me.  It's my job to put the ball in the end zone.  Coach Fisher goes over with me every single day, touchdowns in the red zone.
He says, we're not a field goal kicking team, but luckily, we have one of the best field goal kickers in the country.¬† So obviously, that's a blessing.¬† Any time you want to get‑‑ any time you get in the red zone, you want to get points, and I've got to do a better job of getting our team in the end zone.

Q.  Do you feel at all like the first half in the Pitt game, tonight in the first half?  I mean, you were throwing on rhythm and really only seemed to have the one incompletion.
JAMEIS WINSTON:  I don't think about old games.  I tend to just take the game on that I have right there.  I know that I didn't have that many incompletions, but those incompletions that I had in the second quarter really hurt me.
So I'm always trying to get better.  I want to have a game where I'm perfect.  Obviously, the Pitt game was a game that I will remember, but in that time, in the moment, I'm not really thinking about it.

Q.  Did you feel like you had really good rhythm out of the box today?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Yeah, because I came out with a different mentality because I didn't have to prove anything to anyone, but I wanted to give my team more of me.  You know what I'm saying?  I had those early turnovers in the red zone, and I just had to feel like I had to come back and do a great job this game.

Q.  Was that a shovel pass call to Kermit?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Yeah, that incompletion, man, come on now.  That one hurt even more.

Q.  I just wanted to make sure that was the call for a shovel.
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Yeah, but, hey, I got to give it to him right, you know.  I guess it's my fault too.  I didn't realize I was pitching to a shorter guy until he flashed across my face.  You know, he's so fast.

Q.  Last week you completed 11 passes to Rashad.  Today were they doing something different to try and take him out?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Not at all.  Not at all.  That's one thing about our offense.  We want to show the country that we can spread the ball to anyone.  And we know that 'Shad and Nick O'Leary and those veterans, we know they have a lot to prove, you know what I'm saying?
But 'Shad still had a great game.¬† He had three or four catches.¬† He probably still had 100 yards with those catches.¬† He's a great player, and of course we want to give him the ball.¬† It's also the guys around Rashad‑‑ he's proven what he can do.¬† It's about getting the guys around him the ball.¬† We tried to do that this game.

Q.  Last week (inaudible).  What does that say about the offense?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  It just shows the way our offense is set up, that everyone will touch the ball.  Kermit had multiple touches.  Bobo had his touches.  Rashad had some touches.  Ermon had touches, Dalvin.  Even Jonathan Vickers, he had some touches.  Freddie had him one or two catches.  And, Nick, obviously, he's going to get his every game.
But that's one thing that we enjoy.¬† That's the reason why people like coming to Florida State because it's not a one‑man show.¬† Everyone's going to get that route.

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