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September 4, 2014

Tucker Carter

Drew Douglas

David Morgan


Q.  Tucker, can you just talk about Coach Coker said nobody's happy with the outcome.  Can you just talk about what the mood was like in the locker room, and how you feel you maybe let one get away?
TUCKER CARTER:  We definitely feel like we let one get away.  We're not going into any of these games trying to keep it close or anything like that.  We expected to win that game tonight and couple plays away.  But, yeah, everyone's disappointed.  That is the way it is when you leave your heart out there and you wind up short.

Q.  Tucker, obviously, you had a really good game at the start.  What did you see on that last play?  Can you go through that play?  The play kind of broke down and you tried to make something happen?
TUCKER CARTER:  I just tried to get out of the pocket and make something happen.  Dumb choice.

Q.  I wanted to ask you kind of the mindset after you guys fell behind.  If the quick touchdown early on got up 10‑0, what was the mindset right there and how did you guys fight your way back into it?
DREW DOUGLAS:  Well, as a defense we really don't stress out about that.  It was a big play.  It shouldn't have happened.  Hat's off to them.  But we were pretty calm after that.  We knew what we were capable of, and Coach has been saying all week, just do what you do, so we got back down to basics and kind of played ball.

Q.  David, a lot of times you were able to get receptions out of the open and able to split away from the linebacker.  Was that play calling?  Hot routes?  How were you able to get that?
DAVID MORGAN:  That was definitely hat's off to the O‑line for great protection.  Ran some pass routes and great blitzes.  And just the hot route happened a couple yards after the catch.

Q.  Tucker, it seemed that you and David connected a lot.  Can you talk about the timing and the repetition you guys put in to get here?  You guys got in the zone a little bit towards the middle part of the game?
TUCKER CARTER:  We tried to get in the middle part of the second half and David was running the hot routes right there, so he was finding the void and able to put it on him and making the plays after the catch.  So we were taking what they gave us, really.
DAVID MORGAN:  Yeah, just summertime working seven on sevens.  Didn't feel free, just timing and stuff like that, taking the check downs.

Q.  Coach was saying during his press conference how the mentality of you guys and the toughness and physicality comes just from you guys in recruiting and it wasn't necessarily something that he coaches or instills into you guys but it's something you guys already have.  What kind of mentality do you have to get that kind of physicality going into the game?
DAVID MORGAN:  I guess some of the guys just kind of got overlooked coming out of high school, so you play with a chip on your shoulder.  People don't think highly of you, and it sets a fire underneath you and coming out and playing like that it really just gets our mentality up like that.

Q.  Tucker, you extended a lot of plays today moving with your feet and getting out of the pocket.  How comfortable are you on the run if you don't have to be out of the pocket?
TUCKER CARTER:  I'm very comfortable.  We knew they were going to rush three at times and make sure play in Max coverages, so we knew going into it I was going to have to get out of the pocket and make some plays outside of it.  So if they give me the opportunity, I'm going to take it.

Q.  David, can you just kind of talk about the bittersweet feelings?  You guys played so well, and you had a Pac‑12 team on the ropes.  You were up in the second quarter against momentum and then to come up a little bit short like that?
DAVID MORGAN:  It definitely hurts.  Like Tuck said, we never play and think we're going to lose.  Coach told us go into the fourth quarter with a chance to win, and that was our mindset.  We knew it was going to be a battle.  Arizona is a hard team, and we played a tough game and fell a little short in the end.

Q.  Drew, can you talk about the effort of the defense overall and how you fed off of the crowd?  It seemed you answered the call time and time again on big third down stops?
DREW DOUGLAS:  First off, the crowd was incredible.  I mean, 33,000 strong, it was loud.  I mean, the offense couldn't get it done.  But defense, I mean, every single one of those guys it was an honor to play with.  Those guys are relentless and tough.  Like the question before, we fell down early and nobody blinked an eye, nobody freaked out.  Everyone just knew we were going to fall out and do our thing.  It was an honor to play with every one of those guys.

Q.  Tucker, no moral victories, but to take one of the Power Five conference teams and a chance to win, that's a pretty positive leap isn't it, heading into Stillwater, Oklahoma?
TUCKER CARTER:  I think every game we try to get in the film room and see positives, see negatives.  But moved the ball well on offense, didn't turn it over until late, so there are definitely some things that we can take out of this game and improve.  It's a long season.  We can't hang our heads on this one.  Like the question before, what makes this team different is the simple fact that we stand together.  Like everyone counts us out.  We used to hear all the media stuff and we weren't anything.  But we always stuck together and only the guys in the locker room know what we bring to the table.  So we'll improve, we'll get better and we'll be ready.

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