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August 30, 2014

Kevin Hogan

Ty Montgomery

David Parry


Q.  Kevin, how would you assess the offense in this game and your own play?
KEVIN HOGAN:  I thought the offense did great.  We moved the ball when we needed to.  We converted on third down.  I was really proud of the guys executing.
Obviously we have to avoid turnovers.  As a whole, I thought we did well.  There's room for improvement.  We'll go back, watch the tape and get better.

Q.  The expectation is that the Pac‑10 will be brutal.  I wanted to know from either one of you, what does your coach do well to prepare you for what's supposed to be a brutal Pac‑12?
DAVID PARRY:  I'd say definitely it keeps our mindset pretty steady.  It's a long season.  And every game we go in thinking it doesn't matter who the opponent is.  We want to focus on us, maximize how we play and play to the best of our abilities.  Kind of keeping that focus maintained on ourselves helps us throughout the longevity of the season.

Q.  Kevin, give me an evaluation how you thought the offense line did today?
KEVIN HOGAN:  I thought they did a good job.  All their calls were great and their protection was good.  I think the only time I got sacked was I was holding the ball too long and they had good coverage downfield.
But as a whole, they were great.  Great with their protection.  Great with their running game.  I thought they gelled well.  And I think that they're still hungry.  And I know they can get better.  But today I thought they did a good job.

Q.  Ty, can you take us through the punt return, first of all.  Did anybody touch you?
TY MONTGOMERY:  Pretty sure I got touched a couple times.  But long story short, the other guys on the field did a great job getting their blocks.  I was able to find the seam and hit it.

Q.  What about the touchdown you scored on the pass, how about that play?
TY MONTGOMERY:  Same thing, ended up being exactly how we drew it up.  Get inside the block we're supposed to get inside of and find the seam.

Q.  Do you think this team is where they need to be?  You're going to be playing at USC in Game 2.  Are you where you need to be to play a game that big this early in the season?
TY MONTGOMERY:  Like Kevin said, I think we played pretty well today.  We've got to eliminate some mistakes.  We probably didn't play to the standard we hold ourselves too.  But also like David said, opponents are nameless and faceless.  Doesn't matter who we play, we've just got to play to our standards.

Q.  David, question for you.  Great story.  You walk on at one point.  You went through this injury.  You're here now.  Were there ever times throughout that process you kind of questioned whether you could make an impact on this level?  And then just about your day, you must be incredibly proud to split a double team, somersaulted a guy.
DAVID PARRY:  Coming in here I was fairly confident in my abilities.  I wouldn't take that chance if I didn't think I could contribute on this level.  Last year it was pretty tough being hurt.
Still having to play but not anywhere close to 100 percent, kind of messed with my confidence a little bit.  But I'm now back to 100percent.  The training staff and strength and conditioning coaches have me feeling good, and today I felt real good to be back there.  Felt like my first game in a real long time over a year being fully healthy.

Q.  I wanted to ask about the depth on the defensive front.  Obviously a lot of guys missing from the front seven.  How do you feel the front seven did today?  Obviously the numbers looked great against the run.
DAVID PARRY:  I think we did well.  It was great being able to see a lot of different guys plugged in there that hadn't had the opportunity to play yet.  Nate Lohn did great.  Luke Kaumatule played well.  And even Blake Lueders, a late switch last year, it was good to have him get a lot of snaps and get back into the groove.

Q.  We saw you line up in a lot of different positions, field punts for the first time.  How much fun is it to get all over the field and show off your versatility a little bit?
TY MONTGOMERY:  It's fun to be out there, be able to play.  I enjoy stepping on the field no matter what position I'm in, just playing with these guys on the team.

Q.  Is it different or what would you say was the difference between returning punts and returning kickoffs?
TY MONTGOMERY:  The only difference in my mind is you don't have the ability to fair catch a kickoff return.  But it's the same thing, ten guys block, find the seam and hit it.

Q.  One question for Kevin.  Last year was obviously a tough game against USC.  Where do you feel this team is at and you're at?
KEVIN HOGAN:  I feel great with where we're at.  Coach Shaw talked to us about the game coming up, and it's not the Super Bowl, as some people might think.  The next big game on our schedule, the next team on our schedule.  And I feel great.
I had a lot of time this offseason to get ready for week two.  And I feel really good with where we're at.  I think we'll have a good plan and have a lot of stuff to show.

Q.  Who led the breakdown in the locker room this year?
DAVID PARRY:  Just now?  James Vaughters.

Q.  You gotta be happy, Kevin, with the short field that was given you.  There was a truckload of that out there.
KEVIN HOGAN:  It's awesome starting on their side of the 50.  Hope that happens most times this year.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.

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