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September 1, 2014

Kliff Kingsbury

Q.  After you watched the film was there anything you saw different than what you witnessed on Saturday night?
COACH KINGSBURY:  No, pretty much what I had said Saturday night, just not good enough, didn't approach it the right way, and you have to give Central Arkansas credit.  They came out and got right after us.

Q.  What was it like with the team yesterday during workouts and practice and film?
COACH KINGSBURY:  It was embarrassed, I'd say, after the game.  We'll meet with them today, but after the game, embarrassed.

Q.  Did you look at the film?  Is it an execution thing, an effort thing?
COACH KINGSBURY:  It's all fixable.  I thought the effort at times was good.  I think a lot of our younger new players that we're counting on had the deer in the headlights look, which is disappointing, but it's all fixable.  It's fixable and we'll attack it this week.

Q.  What were some of the young guys you saw encouraging things from?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Justin Stockton would be one.  I thought he ran the ball well, he stuck his nose in there, did good on protections, so other than that, a lot of those guys, first time starting it looked like it was the deer in the headlights look.

Q.  Coach, it looked like you guys replacing Jace with Bradley, talk about his performance yesterday?  You have to be excited about that?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Very proud of him.  Like everybody knows, he stuck around this summer and was voted team captain.  Without him, we wouldn't have won that game.  He stepped up.  Lot of guys were floundering around, and he stepped up and made plays.  So just excited that he's found that role and will continue to excel at it.

Q.  What did you think of the offensive line and how they played as a whole?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Not bad.  I thought protection was pretty good.  They were only rushing three guys most of the night, so it should have been.  In the run game I thought we were soft at times.  We have to continue to get better.  Our running backs did a good job making people miss, but we have to get more movement up front.

Q.  How do you fix the undisciplined penalties?  What steps can you take to make sure that doesn't happen?
COACH KINGSBURY:  That's a good question.  We'll work on it this week.  Yeah, we'll have some more punishments and see where it goes.  But that's just embarrassing to watch your team go out and do those things.  As a coaching staff and head coach I have to get it right this week.

Q.  Do you have an update on Rika?
COACH KINGSBURY:¬† Yeah, Rika's day‑to‑day.¬† It wasn't as bad as initially thought, which is good.¬† So we'll brace him up and see how he's feeling, but he's day‑to‑day right now.

Q.  (No microphone)?
COACH KINGSBURY:  I don't know if he'll be back this Saturday, but by all accounts it wasn't nearly as bad as what they first thought, so very soon.  I know that.

Q.  I know you talked about Davis trying to do too much too often maybe.  I think that was something he did last year.  What is similar, when he gets in those situations, what happens for him mentally to get there?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Yeah, just early on just wanted to make every play.  He throws the one in the end zone on first down, and throws one coming out on first down that basically goes for a pick six.  Just got to go through your reads and get the ball to the play makers.  He doesn't have to do it all with the group he has around him.  So did a lot of nice things, lot of throws, lot of completions, but once again, a couple crucial errors that he's got to cut out of his game.

Q.  The game's going to start at 10 o'clock Saturday night.  How do you get your team to play well and prepare for not an optimal time?
COACH KINGSBURY:  I think after last week's performance it shouldn't be hard to get them motivated.  It will be a tough week of practice.  But we'll push the schedule back, let them stay up a little later and sleep in a little longer, so their normal day seems as if it's a normal Saturday kickoff.

Q.  Do you have any experiences with players and coaches in the Sun Bowl?
COACH KINGSBURY:  I do.  When I was at the University of Houston, we played there twice.  It was a tough place to play.  One time we were number 12 in the country with Case, and went in there and got beaten by about 20.  Then when we were top 10 in the country again, went in in 2011 and won by a touchdown.  It will be a tough atmosphere.  It will be rowdy that late kickoff, so we'll have our hands fool.

Q.  Do you think this is a team that can be galvanized by the road environment?
COACH KINGSBURY:  I think so.  I thought at times they handled it well last year.  So I'm excited to watch them respond and more than anything respond to how poorly they played last week.

Q.  What concerns you about UTEP?
COACH KINGSBURY:  I think they do such a good job running the football.  Jameel is a kid I coached with at Texas A&M, very talented athletically.  He can hurt you with his arms and his legs, very accurate passer.  Just watching the film from last week, they really pounded the rock against NewMexico, so obviously with what we put on film, they'll be expecting to run the ball against us.

Q.  What was the biggest message to the team of going up against UTEP?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Just we'll get their best shot.  They'll be fired up and they should be.  I know after watching our film, they'll expect to win the game, so we better be prepared.

Q.  Have you talked with Case about what happened and reached out to him?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Not yet, not yet.  I was going to talk to him this week, but haven't really heard all the dynamics.

Q.  Does it kind of help having coached Jameel in that setting with him, coaching him at Texas A&M?  Does it help you prepare this week knowing what you're going up against?
COACH KINGSBURY:  I don't think so.  I just think the offenses are so different.  I know he's a great young man, he's a great leader, and he'll do everything he can to help that team win, so we'll have our hands full.

Q.  Kliff, kind of off the subject, but student attendance across the country is down, what are you guys doing effectively to head the other direction here?
COACH KINGSBURY:  That's more of a marketing team deal I think.  But that was incredible seeing all those kids.  I heard there were a bunch that couldn't get in, which is awesome for our team to have their peers in the stands cheering for them.  There is nothing better than that.  I know it means a lot to our coaches and our players.

Q.  (No microphone) what specifically do you do when you're addressing the number of penalties?  Is that something (No microphone)?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Yeah, they're within practice.  We've tried everything at this point.  We were last three last year and I'm sure we're leading the country again this year, so we'll keep trying new things and find an answer at some point.

Q.  Which of those to you are okay based on effort versus just bad judgment?
COACH KINGSBURY:¬† Yeah, I think holdings, pass interference, those are plays guys are trying to make.¬† But when you're getting un‑sportsmanlike conducts and substitution penalties which is on our coaching staff, false starts, offsides, things like that are just unacceptable.

Q.¬† What was the demeanor of your leaders team‑wise?¬† Marquez and Webb, how did they carry themselves the last 48 hours?
COACH KINGSBURY:  They're mad, I think.  They're embarrassed just like we all are, and those are guys that showed up.  I think some of our leaders played well and did their roles, but it takes everybody.  We've got to get everybody on the same page.

Q.  You guys were able to rack up 636 yards, but do you feel as an offense you left some things out there on Saturday night?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Definitely.  Having one that went for a pick six, and another one thrown in the end zone and then a safety, that's essentially three turnovers right there.  Then their offense converts six out of six on fourth down, 15 penalties.  The whole deal just wasn't good across the board, so we'll get that straightened out this week.

Q.  Does it drive you crazy the defense called three timeouts?
COACH KINGSBURY:  No, I think that's part of having some new bodies.  We were trying to rotate some of the new junior college kids in.  It's their first time in that spotlight, and everybody reacts differently, but we've got to get them calmed down and get that under control.

Q.  What would you attribute what they say is always a huge jump between game one and Game 2?  Why is that typical?
COACH KINGSBURY:  For us, I think, and the teams I've been around, just the young guys getting in, getting a taste of it, and being out in the bright lights, how fast it goes, the tempo of the game and things of that nature.

Q.  Coach, you touched on it a little bit, but I know in a late game like that, talk about the focus that you're going to have to deal with with this team?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Yeah, we'll change our schedule a little bit, but like I said, we're going to do some things to try to keep the time period during the day the same as it always is.  I don't think they'll have a hard time focusing after this week.

Q.  What do you feel is the strength of the Miners defense?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Their secondary.  Coach Stoker, I coached against him at A&M when he was at San Diego State.  Does a really good job defensively.  They play a lot of manned coverage, bring some pressures and they have a veteran secondary that will challenge our receivers.

Q.  On Davis's two interceptions, when you're going over the film, where should he have gone with the ball?  What should he have done?
COACH KINGSBURY:¬† Yeah, the first one was a bad play call, and nothing was there and he should have just thrown it out of the back of the end zone, his first down on the 10‑yard line.¬† The second one, he made a bad read, just missed it, tried to go for the home run instead of taking his check down.¬† Only his 7th start.¬† That's what you have to remember about him.¬† That is his 7th start.¬† He was fired up, and revved up, and trying to do much at times.

Q.  Are you going to alter any reps in practice for Patrick Mahomes since he didn't have an opportunity?
COACH KINGSBURY:  No, Patrick's getting a ton of reps in practice.  We made sure he got a ton of reps.  Unfortunately, he didn't get to play, but hopefully we'll find some games we can get him in.

Q.  Coach, are you comfortable with your secondary play this past game?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Not bad.  Those young guys, like I said, it's going to be baptism by fire, and Central Arkansas went after them which they should.  I thought they competed well.  Went up and attacked some footballs in the air, but just continue to grow with them and they'll get better.

Q.  How did you feel the receiving corps did other than Marquez's heroics?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Not very good.  Jakeem had some cramps where he was kind of in and out, and he did some good things.  But our outside guys pretty nonexistent.  Young guys that haven't played a lot and didn't do what they've done in practice.  So we're going to get them worked on this week.  They'll play better this week.

Q.  What about your running back?  You talked about playing well, but as a whole, how do you feel they played?
COACH KINGSBURY:  I thought they ran tough.  I didn't think we had the movement we should get up front.  I thought Q White stepped in and had some good catches, and Justin Stockton ran fearless, and DeAndre picked up where he left off this spring.  I think he's full speed again and has a lot of confidence right now.

Q.  How nice is it to see a guy like Justin in his first career start?  He took some hits but kept running tough.
COACH KINGSBURY:  He's a tough kid, heck of a player, heck of a talent.  So, yeah, that will be a big piece of our offense moving forward.

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