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August 30, 2014

T.J. Randall

Taylor Reed


Q.  T.J., your offense, they had, I think, almost 100 plays run, a lot of long, long drives, 15, 16, 17, 18 play drives.  What was it like, as a defense, having those long drives on offense, especially going up against a team like Tech with their hurry‑up offense?  How big of a breather was that for you all?
T.J. RANDALL:  It's huge.  I know last year we struggled with maintaining drives a little bit, and this year, like you said, the 18‑play drive, and that's huge, especially against a scheme like Tech that has their high tempo offense.
Keeping them off the field and letting them sustain drives is huge for us as far as conditioning.  We were rotating guys in a lot, but still it's huge to have that big break on the sideline.

Q.  Taylor, what was the toughest thing you faced out there tonight?
TAYLOR REED:  I think overall the defense was pretty fast.  But as we started to get drives going, I thought we tried to move the tempo up a little bit and see if we can catch them off guard so that way we can get set.  But I thought our offense played well tonight.

Q.  For both of you all, based off the game plan going in, how well do you think you all executed the game plan that you all had set out to accomplish?
T.J. RANDALL:  Defensively, I think we did it, I mean, pretty much as best as we could.  Effort was there the entire night.  That was probably the biggest thing I was impressed with the most was we had guys flying around the entire game.  Nobody let up once.
Had a couple of miscues here and there where Tech's tempo gave us a little fit.  But other than that, game play‑wise, we did exactly what we were supposed to do.
TAYLOR REED:  I thought offensively too there was effort.  It was really good to see guys, after they score a touchdown, we respond.  We'd go back down and kick a field goal or get a touchdown.  It was good to see, no matter how big the stage was tonight for UCA, we'd still respond, and we played our guts out.

Q.  It was a real shootout.  Were you expecting that? 
T.J. RANDALL:  Yeah.
TAYLOR REED:  We knew their offense was up tempo.  We knew they were going to score points.
T.J. RANDALL:  We knew they were going to score points.  You've got to be kind of irrational not to think the high tempo offense wasn't going to score at all.  We knew we just had to get stops when we can, and they capitalized when we got stops.
TAYLOR REED:  And the turnovers.
T.J. RANDALL:  The turnovers were big.
TAYLOR REED:  That pick six was a huge moment in the game for us. It really helped our offense keep going.  We had a little momentum there coming in.  So we got a little lead in the first or second quarter.

Q.  After playing a team like Texas Tech, are there any big changes that you feel, as quarterback, that you saw that need to be addressed and changed in the upcoming games?
TAYLOR REED:  For sure.  We'll watch the film tonight.  We'll watch it all tomorrow on the ride back.  There will be little things here and there that we'll have to get cleaned up just like going into every game this season.

Q.  T.J., how is the three‑four working out?
T.J. RANDALL:  I love it as far as everything goes.  It was a little bit of a rough transition this spring, having to take on three in the middle, and I know Floyd had a little trouble with the four line at first.  But I think we're really starting to come into our own as far as that goes.  I know all the other guys are happy with it.  So it's a pretty good deal. 

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