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August 30, 2014

Bradley Marquez

Keenon Ward


Q.  What was the message from the coaches to the team after the game?
KEENON WARD:  They didn't say much.  Obviously, we came out sluggish and we have a sour taste in our mouth, and we just need to get better.

Q.  Why do you think you came out sluggish?
KEENON WARD:  I can't really answer that.  We had our techniques down.  We had our game plan in.  I don't know.  I guess we just underestimated the opponent.

Q.  What do you think next week will be like to help you get over that situation?
KEENON WARD:  We've just got to come out Monday and just erase what happened.  Yeah, we got the win, but it doesn't feel like a win, so we've got to practice hard and just try to erase what happened tonight.

Q.  Did you notice anything from your teammates, pregame warm‑up or anything that made you think you weren't quite honed in?
KEENON WARD:  No, I feel like the energy was there.  We were pumped up.  That may have been the problem.  We may have been too pumped up.  We just forgot assignments and techniques.  We've just got to get better.

Q.  Are you mad or disappointed?
KEENON WARD:  Just disappointed, really.  We know how good we are.  We're just going to come out and show everybody how good we are and we didn't show that tonight.

Q.  Any thoughts on some of the new guys in the secondary and how they played tonight?
KEENON WARD:  I feel like they stepped up and played very well, took matters into their hands, lot of PBUs and lot of important tackles.  He's going to continue to grow and get better.

Q.  Can you talk about them being able to run the ball on you tonight as well?
KEENON WARD:  Yeah, Coach Wally kind of stressed it on the D‑line, that's their job.  They came out sluggish tonight and they're going to get better.

Q.  Bradley, at what point in time tonight did you decide if it was to be it was up to me, because it sure seems that you put the team on your back with some catches you made and especially that last play to get the first down?
BRADLEY MARQUEZ:  Just being a senior on this team and just going into halftime and knowing how good of a team we are and how many points we left out there, somebody needed to step up.  Me with my experience, I've been through ups and downs throughout my career here, so I felt it was my time, and I needed to go out there and do the best I could possibly do.  Didn't start the way I wanted to personally, as well as a team, we didn't.  But we've got to learn from it and get better.

Q.  You got frustrated early.  Was there something physically wrong?  What happened where it seemed maybe you shook your head off guys in the first quarter?
BRADLEY MARQUEZ:  No, my shoe had come off at one point and I ended up running a play without a shoe on completely.  So I was a little frustrated with that, so I had to get that situated.  But just me, personally, I knew I could have started better and helped this offense get off to a better start.  I knew how important that was for us, and I wasn't able to do that.  I'm just glad we were able to pull out the win.

Q.  Can you give your assessment of your quarterback tonight?
BRADLEY MARQUEZ:  He did a great job.  I mean, there were mistakes here and there, but there were mistakes by everybody throughout the game.  He just gets a lot of attention because he's the quarterback and maybe takes some of the blame.  But by no means does he need to take the blame receiving‑wise and the penalties hurt us a lot and put us in bad situations where he had to try to do things and try to make plays on his own where he felt that we needed some momentum, so he was going to take some shots down the field.
It doesn't always work out, but he's a competitor.  He wants to win.  Davis Webb, that's our guy, and he did a great job today.

Q.  Frustrating to think you guys had more than 600 yards of offense and you guys are as upset as you are in the locker room right now?
BRADLEY MARQUEZ:  Yes, like I said, we need to come out better and stronger.  We left points out there and turnovers in the red zone, missed field goals and things of that nature, and penalties that put us in bad situations.  So we know how good we can be.  The stats are misleading on how we should have played today.  We should have put a lot more points on the board as an offense.

Q.  Is this a wake‑up call for everybody?
BRADLEY MARQUEZ:  Yeah, I'd like to think so.  We've got to take some positives out of this.  Granted, it wasn't the way we wanted to win, but we did get a victory.  It wasn't pretty, but like I said, we've got to learn from it.  We had a lot of young guys out there maybe getting their first college games in and just getting their feet under them.
So I guess it was to be expected a little bit that we may struggle in the beginning, but we're more mature than that as a team.  We've practiced well enough and prepared ourselves well enough to go out there and be successful.  We weren't quite able to do that today the way we wanted to.

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