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August 30, 2014

Kliff Kingsbury


Q.  Kliff, you guys got off to a little bit of a slow start.  Did you see anything in warm‑ups or this week tough to get motivated looking over the opponent?  How do you describe it?
COACH KINGSBURY:  No, they just got their players ready to go and we didn't.  That's on me.  I'll take that one.  I thought we had good practices.  It was a great atmosphere, lots of fans, we just didn't show up.

Q.  Do you think the offense turned around when Jakeem took the ball and that kind of sparked the team and sparked the crowd on one of their touchdowns after an interception?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Yeah, he did a good job of just making a play.  Somebody had to step up.  We were floundering around there and he stepped up and made a play, so that was good to see.

Q.  What did you think of your young corners?
COACH KINGSBURY:  We've got to grow up.  I thought he competed well.  Made some plays on balls, but we were way off most of the night and they just kept throwing it at him, and completions were way too easy tonight.

Q.  Could you talk about DeAndre and his night tonight, and then your ability to run the ball not only with him but also Justin Stockton in between the tackles?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Yeah, that's what they were giving us.  We weren't able to run as well as we should have been able to, but I thought those guys carried it well.  They didn't put it on the ground and made plays when we had to have them.

Q.  Your assessment of Davis Webb's performance tonight?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Shaky early, just trying to do too much, trying to make every play.  But I thought he hung in there and bounced back well, but not his best night.

Q.  Any update on Rika?
COACH KINGSBURY:  I have not heard.  Not yet.

Q.  What was Central Arkansas doing well?  What was working for them?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Just playing harder, wanted it more than we did.  They came out fired up expecting to win the game.  We came out flat, and that's a credit to their coaching staff.

Q.  Are you more mad or disappointed about maybe just the overall things tonight?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Just disappointed because I know how good they can be and to come out and play like that.  I've got to give Central Arkansas all the credit in the world.  They played hard.  They had a plan.  They expected to win the game.  But to come out and have that many undisciplined penalties and turn the ball over twice and take a safety on the other one which counts as a turnover, it was pretty embarrassing to be honest.

Q.  An update on Jakeem?  How's he doing?
COACH KINGSBURY:  He's good.  He was cramping up, but he'll be fine.

Q.  I'd like to ask about the leadership of Marquez, because it sure seemed like late in the game he had a big touchdown but also a big first down for you?
COACH KINGSBURY:  Yeah, he did.  He stepped up and made great plays.  He's had a great camp.  He's a guy we're going to lean on.  In tough times he's one of the few seniors on that offense, so I was proud of the way he responded.

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