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August 30, 2014

Colby Wadman


Q.  You were out kicking the coverage, it seemed like, a few times.  And you obviously, after the first kick, were trying to stay away from Ty Montgomery.  I can see that.  Did you feel that you succeeded in doing your job today the way you wanted to?
COLBY WADMAN:  I could have obviously always done it better.  I was told to kick it out of bounds and I did that on a few.  Some of them I mis‑hit the ball something like that, but I could have always done a better job keeping it away from them.  Make ten other guys jobs easier.

Q.  What was it like playing in this big stadium?
COLBY WADMAN:  It was a great experience.

Q.  Have you played before a crowd of this size?
COLBY WADMAN:  We played at Nevada last year.  That was the closest we got.  But this was definitely a whole different experience than that.  But it was pretty cool.

Q.  Anything about Stanford that surprised you guys on defense, special teams from your standpoint?  Did you know Montgomery was going to be‑‑
COLBY WADMAN:  I personally didn't know he was going to be‑‑ I personally didn't know he was going to be back there punt returning.

Q.  He's never done it before.  First time.
COLBY WADMAN:  I didn't know he was going to be doing that.  But we've obviously seen, watched a lot of film kick returning, saw how great he was at that.  Went from kick return to punt return.

Q.  How does a game like this early in the year help you the rest of the way, or how does it impact your team going forward?
COLBY WADMAN:  It's a learning experience.  They're a great team, obviously.  It's cool to go out there, play against a team that great.  And move forward from this, fix any mistakes, move on.

Q.  It's just a bar to look at, know how high they have it?

Q.  That helps you?

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