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August 27, 2014

Dave Doeren

DAVE DOEREN:  Excited to start the '14 season.  Our guys have worked hard, put in a lot of hard work and effort this summer, and our strength staff did a great job getting the guys ready, and look forward to playing at home with our fans.  We're honoring Mario Williams' career at NC State on that day and the Wolfpack Club fundraising arm, so a great atmosphere for the game and play against a team that has won six National Championships as a program and coming off a year where they upset Florida at Florida, so we know we're getting a very good football team, and look forward to the opportunity to play them.

Q.  I wanted to ask you about Bo Hines.  I know he enrolled early last year and had a very impressive spring.  Has he continued to make that kind of impact in preseason?
DAVE DOEREN:  Yeah, he's been very steady.  He probably was more noticeable in the spring just because he had just walked on campus and was making a name for himself.  I think kind of expect it out of him.  He's a guy that's going to play a lot for us, and depending on what they're giving us, really has a chance makes plays in the slot and very good route runner and ball catcher.

Q.  The other thing I want to ask on a different subject is a switch to the 4‑2‑5.  What's behind that?  Is it a philosophy thing or is it adapting to the personnel on the team?
DAVE DOEREN:  Yeah, I mean, there's a lot of reasons we did it.  We're playing in a league that has a lot of no‑huddle spread teams, and having five DBs on the field, we were a 4‑3 team last year that played nickel half the season, so we were in a 4‑2 last year half the year, but it just gives you more coverage options.  You can play man‑to‑man to the field whereas last year we couldn't do that as much.  We can pressure more, puts us athletically in a better place within our conference, and other than when you're playing Boston College and Georgia Tech, I mean, about everybody is in three‑receiver to four‑receiver sets most of the game, and just felt like it was a better match for not just our team but for the league.

Q.  I was just curious on your running backs, I know you've got a few guys there capable of starting.  How are you going to handle the rotation with those guys this year?
DAVE DOEREN:  Well, they'll all play in the first half, and there's certain things that ‑‑ each guy has kind of packages, and once you get into the game if you feel like one guy is really on, then you leave him in.  But I think over the course of a 12‑game season, and we play eight games before we have a bye week, we're going to need them all, and rotation will be something we need to use throughout the first four games of the season for sure.

Q.  Along those lines, the offensive line, I know depth was a concern the last time we talked.  How do you kind of feel about that group now and the way you've maybe been able to develop some depth?
DAVE DOEREN:  Yeah, well, I feel like we have good depth at guard and center.  We're still light at tackle, and Alex Barr can play our right tackle position pretty well, and him and Tyson had great competition in camp on the right side.  The biggest one is Rob.  Behind Rob we really don't have what you'd like to have there from a competition standpoint, and so probably a year away from having what we want tackle‑wise in the depth chart, but we feel like we've got five or six guards and three tackles; a pair to spare I guess is the best way to say it.

Q.  How is Rob health‑wise?
DAVE DOEREN:  He's doing great.  He's really excited, had a great camp, and proud of him, how hard he trained this summer because he was away from the game for a while, and to be able to snap back in the way he did, I know he's anxious to get back on the field.

Q.  What are you hoping to learn out of this first game that maybe you were still kind of unsure about coming out of August that you hope to kind of get a test with Georgia Southern?
DAVE DOEREN:  Yeah, we've got a lot of young guys playing, so how are they going to handle game day I think is the biggest thing.  There's a lot of kids that were red shirts that are playing this year, and there's some true freshmen that are playing.  We expect them to be a little nervous and anxious.  I hope they settle in quickly and can do their thing from that point on.  That's the biggest thing.
And second, we're just looking forward to seeing the growth from year one to year two in a lot of guys that had playing time last year.  There's a big difference between being a one‑year starter or a two‑year starter, and hopefully we'll see the dividends of that with some of these young guys that played last year.

Q.  I wanted to ask you about Georgia Southern.  They're a team that returns a lot of people, especially on offense.  But it's a new staff; what do you expect from them?
DAVE DOEREN:  Well, you know, you try to get as much as you can from the newspaper articles that are written, from the papers, and it sounds like they're running the same offense he ran at Sam Houston State, which is a pistol spread option offense, some zone read, power read, different option plays with lead blockers.  Like us, they utilize receiver motions quite a bit.  There's quite a bit of carryover formationally between them and us, so we feel like we've had a good opportunity to prepare for that.
We do play Georgia Tech later in the year, so we spent some time on the triple option, as well, if they would jump back into what they did a year ago.

Q.  The other thing I was curious about, can you talk about Brissett?  He's obviously going to be the guy at quarterback.  What does he bring to the table?
DAVE DOEREN:  Well, he's a state champion in two sports in high school.  He's already played in big games in the SEC, was a starter at LSU in his first start in college, so he won't be rattled.  He hasn't played in a game in a while, so we need to kind of get that part where he's getting hit as a quarterback going again.  But he's got the skills, leadership, he's competitive, and just need to get going, get him out there and get him the repetitions he needs in live play.

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