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August 27, 2014

Jimbo Fisher

COACH FISHER:  Looking forward to the great opportunity we have in the Kickoff Classic against a great opponent like Oklahoma State, great tradition.  41 wins the last four years.  Mike has done a tremendous job over his whole tenure there developing the program.  A lot of players drafted, probably as much in this league as anybody.
Very dynamic, how they play on offense.  Very spread.  Throw the ball around.  Defensively, very aggressive, blitz you, a lot of man, do different things.
We had a great camp.  I think we're ready to play somebody else, tired of beating on ourselves after a while.  Been very pleased with our camp.  Been very competitive, very aggressive.  Guys are developing into their roles.  We'll have to have our A game this Saturday.  Oklahoma State is a very good team, very well‑coached football team in all three phases.  We'll have to play well against them.

Q.  I know you have a huge game coming up, you're looking forward.  Just wanted to know from our standpoint at Georgia, Jeremy Pruitt is their defensive coordinator.  What kind of impact do you think he will have?  Did his leaving tick you off a little bit?
COACH FISHER:  No, Jeremy did a great job for us.  He'll do a great job for Georgia.  Very happy for him.  It's a great opportunity.  Jeremy is a heck of a coach.  Didn't tick me off a bit.  If he thinks that's what is best for him, I'm very happy for him.  We have a great coordinator in Charles Kelly and we'll move on.

Q.  Coach Fisher, how do you get your guys ready to go for Saturday's game in Texas with that big stadium that Jerry Jones built?
COACH FISHER:  Well, I think we've played in a lot of big stadiums.  We play in Tallahassee.  We play on the road a lot of times.  We played in the ACC championship game, Orange Bowl, we played in the Rose Bowl, national championship games.  So we're used to it.
But Jerry's stadium out there in Dallas I've heard is a tremendous place.  At the end of the day, that field is 100 yards along, 53 yards wide, we'll have to play football in the middle out of it.  That is what it is going to get down to.  Block out the clutter on the outside and play football.  Hopefully our experience will enable us to deal with those situations.

Q.  What is one thing you're going to work on Saturday that you saw during camp, something you might improve, something that might need to be fixed before you get to Dallas?
COACH FISHER:  I think everything.  The quality of Oklahoma State, you're going to have to be sound in every phase, up front on the offensive line, defensive line, secondary coverages throughout, different formations, routs, different blitzes up front.  I think everything.  We have to improve every way across the board and be ready for everything that Oklahoma State throws at us.

Q.  What are you still looking to learn from your team that this first game can tell you, any certain area you're curious about heading into the first game?
COACH FISHER:  I don't think there's anything in particular.  I just want to see how we compete in the game, play with the unity, togetherness, selflessness that we played together in the past.  The key is how well we can relax and play.  Try not to make mistakes, have fun, play the game.  Turn it loose, play, develop that personality and that competitive nature we've always had.  As a head coach, you're always anxious to watch your guys be able to do that, enjoy the fruits of the labor as far as the hard work they've done, hope all the things they've done will pay off for them.

Q.  Jimbo, when you go up against a team that has a player like Tyreek Hill, how much does that one player, how much do you have to account for him?
COACH FISHER:  I think you definitely have to know where he's at, he's able to put points on the board at any time.  The good thing, we face a lot of guys like that on our team with Kermit.  Kermit is in that 10.1 hundred‑meter mark.  We have a bunch of guys in the 10.3, 10.4, 10.5.  Playing that kind of speed every day definitely helps trying to simulate it to a point, to be able to practice against someone that fast in practice.
Tyreek is a very unique talent.  He has a lot of talent.  He is dynamic.  He can be a runningback, a receiver, can do a lot of things.  I know we're going to have to our hands full.  You have to know where he's at at all times, no doubt.

Q.  With Winston as the starting quarterback, is there a specific part of his game that you've seen a jump in camp compared to last year?
COACH FISHER:  No, I think it's consistency level and knowledge of everything that's going on offensively and defensively has really been tremendous.  Hopefully he'll continue to play that way in the game.  He's done it so far in camp.

Q.  I wanted to talk about the unique matchup that we have in another matchup that features two former Florida State quarterbacks with Alabama and West Virginia.  Talk about the state of the program where you're recruiting so well, you seem to be recruiting well for other teams across the nation.
COACH FISHER:  Well, I don't know about that.  We've have our own issues we have to deal with.
Quarterback is a unique position.  One guy plays.  Jameis is younger than those guys, won the job, played very well.  Those guys wanted an opportunity to play somewhere.  They're very, very good players.  I'm very excited for them and hope they get the opportunity that they well deserve and play very well.

Q.  If you could talk about taking over that program there at Florida State, how much did it help you in replacing a legend like Bobby Bowden already being in that program entrenched for a number of years before you took over?
COACH FISHER:  I think it definitely helps.  You knew some of the things and issues that were going on within the team or within the organization, administratively who to go to that could help you change things to put things in perspective, get it done that much quicker instead of having to learn the landscape.  There was a definite advantage to that process.

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