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August 26, 2014

Bill Belton

Q.  Bill, going through practice and everything, and a whole new line pretty much, how is this running game?  How good can it be with you and Zach?  Just how good do you think the running game can be this year?
BILL BELTON:  We've got a good group.  If we go out there and compete and do what we are supposed to do, it could be a very good year for us.

Q.  Knowing UCF have nine starters back, how big of a challenge is it that you're going to have a proven defense that you're going to have to start off against?
BILL BELTON:  We're going to have to come prepared to play, and that's what we've been doing all camp.  We've been preparing and doing what we have to do as an offense to get ready for that experienced group.

Q.  You've been here for a few years now and seen the highs and lows throughout your career.  You seem to be at least going the right direction after last season.  What are you looking for this year to take a step forward for you personally?
BILL BELTON:  It's not just about one guy.  My personal goals are to win as many games as possible, and whatever that may be asking of me, I'm willing to do.  But we're really focused as a team on winning as many games as possible.

Q.  It seemed like a long time ago you made your debut as the wildcat quarterback.  Is there a place for you this year as a wildcat or are there some plays where you're the wildcat quarterback?
BILL BELTON:  We have a couple days until game day, so we'll see (smiling).

Q.  Can you summarize training camp and kind of how has it prepared you for UCF?
BILL BELTON:  Going into camp, offensively and defensively we were focused on becoming a better team and more competitive team.  I think we've grown and made tremendous strides as a team offensively and defensively, basically becoming a better team.  We used this camp to grow as a unit, and I think we did that.

Q.  How will you treat the flight tonight?  Are you going to try to do anything, sleep?  What have they told you guys?
BILL BELTON:  Gets much sleep on the plane as you can.  That's basically it.

Q.  Do you think you'll be able to do it for eight or ten hours?
BILL BELTON:  We've got a practice coming up soon, so we're going to go out there and practice hard, and hopefully I can sleep through the plane flight.

Q.  Is there anybody on the team that hates to fly and is not looking forward to this the all?
BILL BELTON:  Deion Barnes doesn't like flying.

Q.  Has he said anything or is he just trying to get to sleep as quick as possible?
BILL BELTON:  He just was complaining about how long the flight is, but he'll be all right.

Q.  He is going, right?
BILL BELTON:  Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Q.  How about parents, families.  Are there very many parents and families able to make the trip?
BILL BELTON:  I believe so.  Yeah, to my knowledge I know they put something together for parents to go, like a package or something like that.  They have the opportunity to go over there and see the game.
THE MODERATOR:  There's more than 100 parents going last I heard.

Q.  The whole practicing Sunday thing is new for you guys.  Do you like it?  I'm guessing you practiced this past Sunday, were off yesterday.  Are you a fan of it?  Did the coaches ask you what you thought about it before they implemented it?
BILL BELTON:  No, we're just told what to do and we do it.  It's definitely different but we're just going to go do what they say.

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